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Why Upgrade Your Business from Ethernet to Wireless?

Ethernet connections are still used in offices throughout the world, and they still perform just as well as they ever did. However, there are more than a few advantages that come with upgrading from ethernet to wireless – if you’re yet to make the switch, it’s well worth taking a look at the benefits.

Added Flexibility

Ethernet connections are valued because they are faster than wireless connections. That’s still true, but the difference in speed isn’t important for the majority of offices, and what wireless loses in speed it makes up for in terms of flexibility. Instead of being tied to a workstation, wireless lets you and your team move around the office at will. If you want to bring everyone together to collaborate or switch around teams, you can do so without issue.

No Inconvenient Cables

With an ethernet connection, there needs to be a cable for every device that’s connected. These can form a safety hazard, and it can take time to place them through walls or along skirting boards. With a wireless network, you only have to worry about the cables that run from router to power and from router to phone line.

Allows Modern Opportunities

When wireless started to gain steam, the way people use their devices started to change. For example, businesses can now adopt a BYOD policy that saves on the cost of buying company computers, and BYOD works a lot better with wireless connections. It’s also easier for people who sometimes work at home to come in and connect up. Perhaps most importantly, ethernet connections are tough or impossible to use with more modern devices, including tablets and smartphones. Even the Microsoft Surface Pro requires an adaptor to connect to a traditional ethernet network.

Handles More Users

Wireless networks cannot handle an infinite number of devices, but they can usually accommodate more users than an ethernet network. After all, each one of those cables needs to be plugged into a connection port – if you run out of ports, you can’t connect any further devices.