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Why some people love classic slot games

Slot machines have been around for a very, very long time now.


First dating back to before gambling was outlawed in the United States of America, over a hundred years ago, this classic format for some fun and a flutter is instantly recognisable. Whereas those early slot machines used prizes like cigars and free drinks in bars as their prize, the slot games of today offer a variety of cash prizes.


The humble fruit machine of your favourite childhood arcade or later on, your local pub, have even been surpassed now, as online slot games have joined the massive industry that is online gambling and began to thrive within it.


The result is a whole wealth of online slot games to choose from, with so many titles, differing layouts, ambitious and elaborate themes and above all perhaps, some enormous cash prizes to be won – try your hand at Money Moolah if you don’t believe us!


However, with all of these new additions to the slot game format, with their mini games, countless reels, stacked wilds and bonus features, some people prefer to keep it classic. 3 reels, cherries, oranges, BAR signs as the symbols and all the rest of that classic fruit machine set-up, is still what some people want to play.


And who are we to judge? In celebration of classic slot games, here are some reasons why people love classic online slots…


Whereas some of the latest releases into the slot game world have complicated, 7 reel, falling symbol and avalanche-style layouts, you have none of that to work with in a classic online slot.


Usually using just three reels, just like the good old days, there is a charming simplicity to such slot games. You know when you win and you know when you lose with a classic slot, with not much else needed than just to keep your eyes on the screen and watch for a winning combo. It is as simple as that.

Who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia? 

People these days often pine for a bit of nostalgia and, as a great band once said, Modern Life is Rubbish, to be fair.


Classic online slot games offer a tunnel back to the past, when fruit machines would light up a dark pub from the corner of the room, blurting out odd noises until someone eventually made it rain pound coins.


Classic online slots has become a theme of it’s own, with the retro style graphics and mock fruit machine style animations proving to be very popular with some of the older players. That said, we all know that the younger generation love looking back to the ‘vintage’ past as well, so maybe this is why classic online slots are still so popular.

You can’t beat the classics 

Still one of the most popular slot games of all time, Rainbow Riches and the ongoing series of Irish-themed slot games, is evidence that the classics cannot be beaten.


This classic game has a retro look and existed before online slots were even a thing, a still gets hundreds of spins a day even now.