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What Kind of Apps are Popular with Teens

Along with social media, it’s interesting to see what apps and games teens and tweens are using, and which ones are not so popular, according to Fortune.

Among the top 10 most-used apps among the age group, the most popular are Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, LINE, WhatsApp and Instagram. Snapchat saw a 126 percent increase in users in the past year, while Facebook Messenger saw a 110 percent increase.

Social Networking & Chat

Facebook is by far the most popular social network in terms of usage. Google+, on the other hand, is growing in popularity as well, but with all the new features and others switching to Instagram, it’s unclear if the popular picture-sharing site will ever rival Facebook in popularity.

Despite Instagram’s falling user numbers, many teens are still using it, due to the features that it offers, including endless photo editing tools, one-tap sharing, and the ability to change your cover photo to something more meaningful.

Snapchat is also popular among tweens. Along with the constant updates and social interactions, the social media app is fun to play and provides the ability to broadcast your life to the world, regardless of whether it is a good day or a bad one.

Gaming & Interactive Entertainment

Those familiar with teens are probably also familiar with the popular video game Minecraft, which is seen by them as a work of art that lets them create their own worlds. The game is often cited as a great outlet for creativity, teamwork, and brain development. If that sounds good to you then why not click here and get a copy of Minecraft for your child. With an average of 44 million users, Minecraft is currently the fifth most popular game in the U.S. after Candy Crush Saga, Pokemon Go, and Clash of Clans.

Still, according to Fortune, video games are rarely used by teens. Computer games are relatively popular as things like this pokemon light platinum rom give teens a chance to play a game from their childhood, but generally, they turn to social media apps. This is because they offer a safe place for teens to explore who they are and what they want to do with their lives. Games also allow teens to interact with their friends, build their social networks and get outside of the house to make memories.

According to ZDNet, teens are obsessed with playing the game due to its strategic elements and social element. They also found it fun to actually go outside and find Pokémon, instead of simply looking at their phones all the time. Whilst this might be true, some teenagers will prefer to spend their time playing computer games indoors. Maybe they can look for pokemon roms online instead. That will allow them to play Pokemon games from their PC, instead of their phone. This would be ideal for rainy days.

Teenagers also love Snapchat because of its live video features and various filters and lenses that can be used to personalize your pictures. Snapchat is also one of the most popular social media apps in the U.S.

Online Drivers Ed (Educational & Adulthood-Transition)

If apps falling under the educational section (and those which have a lot to do with teens’ transition into adulthood) had their popularity measured across the globe, the likes of Zutobi would be leading the charts. Zutobi offers a driving test app, which lets teenagers do all of the things they do now on their smartphone, but while driving. It also offers parent-less parent support, in case that mother’s a cow or father’s a maniac, and kids who’d rather learn about the world, their local area, or just their driving skills. And yes, you can drive the car yourself while taking the test.