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What is Pigment Dispersion and Why is it so Important?

When mixing paint or ink, pigment dispersion ensures the colour is evenly distributed throughout the mixture and there are specialist companies that can be commissioned to create the ideal coating that is tailored to suit the customer’s unique requirements. Pigment particle size is a crucial factor and this would entirely depend on the product that is being created and whatever your paint or ink requirements, the pigment dispersion company are able to create the perfect product.

Market Leaders

Centre Colours are a pigment dispersion company with a reputation within the industry that is second to none. Whether you are looking for a high performance product that must have very specific properties, or a small batch of conductive ink for a little project, they have the technical know-how and the resources to handle any operation. Of course, they mix and mill products on a large scale, yet they do not forget the specialist service for even small projects and are happy to provide the required amount.

Triple Roll Milling

This complex process offers the very best pigment dispersion and with state of the art machinery, the specialist company can create a wide range of paints and inks to order. Mixing and milling ensures the pigment is thoroughly dispersed and the particle size can be adjusted to suit the product and with their specialist experience, they are able to create unique products with very specific properties.

High Performance Products

Graphene is one of the most exciting material discoveries of the century and modern paint and coating is often required to have very specific properties other than merely colour and protection. Both electrical conductivity and resistivity are possible with graphene and this allows the product manufacturer a much wider scope.

Confidential Partner

Often, a new and innovative product is on the drawing board and the pigment dispersion company are involved even at this early stage, working to provide the perfect coating. This means they are aware of the confidential secrets regarding this and would therefore respect that confidentiality and would never pass on any information to unauthorised people. Some products are so ground breaking that any release of information ahead of time could have serious consequences for the product launch and the pigment dispersion company would always adhere to strict confidentiality regarding any aspect of their work.

Explore the Possibilities

Many product manufacturers are not fully aware of all the paint or ink possibilities and once the pigment dispersion company have all the details, they can very often recommend a solution that wasn’t known by the client. Their many years of hands-on experience allows for the very best solution to be found and many of their customers are more than happy to be advised.

If you have a project in mind that requires a paint or ink product, talk to an established pigment dispersion company who can design and create the ideal solution.