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What Benefits Come with Short-Term IT Cover Support?

It’s becoming increasingly popular to outsource IT support to an external service provider. After all, the rise of cloud computing has made it incredibly easy to monitor IT systems from afar without any fall in the quality of coverage.

That said, some businesses prefer to maintain their own IT teams. It could be that you need people intimately familiar with your network, or it could simply be that you prefer to have boots on the ground. In any case, you could still benefit from short-term IT support from an external service provider.

24/7 Coverage

Firstly, staying in contact with a short-term IT support service can ensure that you still enjoy good coverage when your own IT team may be either entirely absent or low on numbers. For example, the whole office is probably going to be empty for at least a few days over Christmas, and you’re always going to have odd points throughout the year when certain employees are out sick or on holiday. Additionally, it’s unlikely your team will be monitoring your network outside of normal business hours. Short-term coverage acts as insurance for those periods; remember, the worst time for anything to go wrong is when you’re not available.

More Economical

Yes, seeking out short-term support will add another expense to your budget, but spending a little can save you a lot. If you experience an IT problem when someone else is away, you’ll know the right professional can step in and take care of business. Even if your team is at full-strength, it’s nice to know that you can contact your short-term service provider and receive assistance from someone already familiar with your network.

Additional Expertise

Let’s just say your in-house IT team is happy to stay in the office 24 hours a day during every day of the year – it would still be beneficial to have short-term coverage on hand. The world of IT support is huge, so even the largest teams cannot possibly specialise across all areas of cyber security. You may experience a problem your in-house team is not familiar with, in which case it pays to have other professionals just a phone call away.