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Top Social Media Platforms to Use in Marketing Your Business

Every business needs different ingredients for it to succeed. More of one ingredient and less of another will not help the business but rather an equal proportion of all the ingredients is what is needed for the success of a business. One such ingredient is marketing and when it comes to marketing, there are different ways to go about it. One way of marketing a business in the contemporary world is through leveraging the power of social media. Below, we detail the top social media platforms that have been used by successful companies such as NetBet in marketing their business.


Most if not all companies that have achieved success in leveraging the power of social media have used Facebook. There are different reasons why Facebook is such a pivotal social media platform for advertising including its ability to cut across different boundaries. First of all, Facebook is a platform that’s available in almost all countries. This, therefore, means that a business with a Facebook presence can reach people from different countries around the world. Secondly, Facebook is a platform that’s used by both males and females as well as the young and the old. This, therefore, means that a business with a Facebook presence can reach both male and female customers while at the same time it can reach both young and old customers.


Following closely in the footsteps of Facebook is Instagram. Just like Facebook, Instagram cuts across different boundaries when it comes to different countries as well as gender and demographic structures. However, the biggest advantage of Instagram is that it allows a business to showcase its products (mainly for businesses that deal with products) graphically to potential customers. This, therefore, means that customers get to know better the company behind the product and also they get to know more about the product before they go on to purchase it. A brilliantly created ad on Instagram on its own can turn leads into customers.


YouTube is also another great social media platform that companies can use in their marketing strategies. The power of YouTube lies mainly on two fronts. First, pertains to delivering the message via the video platform. As businesses can market their products or services via video, they have the opportunity to explain in detail to the customer what their product or service is all about. In their explanation, they can inform the customer of what he stands to benefit or achieve if he goes on to purchase the product or service. Secondly, there is the comments section. Via the comments section, businesses can engage with their customers, hear their views on the product or service and then offer a more detailed answer.


Slowly gaining traction is Twitter. Twitter allows businesses to ‘sell’ their products or services in a few words. This means that a well-crafted, concise advert on its own has the power to turn leads into sales. In addition, due to the rise in popularity of Twitter, businesses that use this social media platform can reach millions of people at once.