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Top Slingo Slots Games

Slingo is a beloved game that mixes bingo with slot games to create a unique hybrid. Although some players may see the game as nothing but a gimmick, the truth is that slingo is actually incredibly fun and has produced some top quality games and can compete with Gem Rocks. 

History of Slingo 

Slingo’s origins actually date all the way back to 1996! It was first launched by popular internet company AOL. At the time mixing bingo with slots was a revolutionary idea but few could have predicted that it would still remain as popular as ever over twenty years later. Modern slingo is actually very simple to play, you still need to cross off numbers from your score card just like in bingo. The numbers which are called are where the game diverts however. Numbers are gained by spinning the reels, like in slot games. There are twelve win lines which all contain prizes which get progressively bigger the more a player wins. Slingo is enjoyed by many players because of its relaxed and sociable gameplay, it has a low variance so the focus of the game is much more on having fun than trying to win a jackpot. 

Is there a Slingo Strategy? 

While slingo may be an incredibly simple game to play, there are actually a few different things that players can do which will help them to win a game of slingo. These strategies are simple to implement and can improve anybody’s game. 

  • Learn what all the slingo symbols mean. While this may sound obvious, you’d be surprised how many players ignore this advice. There are jokers and super jokers which are essentially different types of wilds. Also be on the lookout for the devil symbol as this blocks potential matches!
  • Use your spins wisely. Once you have run out of spins in the base game, players will be offered the chance to buy some more bonus spins. If you are no closer to triggering a prize, you must ask yourself whether it is really worth spending money on extra spins.

Best Slingo Slots 

Slingo slots are viewed as sociable games due to their ease of play and simplicity. However this does not mean that there aren’t some slingo games out there with some real quality. 

●     Slingo Cascade is a fun slingo slot which was developed by Gaming Realms. What’s unique about this slot is that it takes the slingo game in a whole new direction. Players will enjoy the additional feature of some cascading lines which adds another dimension to the game.

●     Slingo Lightning comes from Slingo Originals and it features fast paced and engaging gameplay thanks to the number of available bingo balls being lowered to 50. Features such as free spins and the lightning bolts hold the key to victory, thanks to the lowered ball count victory is easier than ever. 

Final Thoughts 

Slingo combined two games and is arguably twice the fun! Anybody can play slingo thanks to it’s simple rules although some developers are adding additional features which is only making the game more exciting.