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Tips for Increasing Online Security of Businesses

Cyber theft will also be an issue for businesses which operate online, and this topic can be quite confusing and complicated. However, the most important question when it comes to cyber-security is: How to protect your online business? Here are some tips which can help!

Firewall to Secure Network

When a hacker is trying to access your network, a firewall acts like the first line of defence. Hackers can use malware software to get into your system and steal significant data, whether they operate in other parts of the world, or in the same country. Things can get heated as those data could be anything from personal details to banking details. Installing a firewall will protect your device from malware and other methods which are used by cyber-hackers. For instance, firewalls can quickly detect data being rooted or removed from your system. The process will be robotically stopped by the firewall if the procedure is not being authorised.

For instance, one of the online sites which is safe and secure is UK’s top online casino- Magical Vegas. This online casino makes use of the hypertext protocol secure (https) which is a safer version. You can register with your personal details and card details to play the best online games, without any worries. Plus, you can enjoy 20 free spins on NetEnt’s best slot games once you’ve registered- no need to add your card details!

Keep a separate network for payment

The likelihood of a cyber-attacks is lessened if you separate your payment network from that of your online business platform. It is likely that hackers enter your system through that of your employees. If a hacker manages to get an infected email into any of your employees’ computer, it will steal the data and thus, will be able to get into your network and payment terminal. However, if you keep your payment terminal on a separate network, you can give the access to only few employees in which you trust. This will make it harder for hackers to decode, and will likely move to an easier target.

Change of passwords and usernames

You have to make sure that usernames and passwords are updated at a regular basis. It becomes easy for hackers to crack into your system if the passwords and usernames remain the same for a long period of time. The best time frame to make these changes is every 90 days, but the sooner the better! Also, the longer a password is, the more secure your business is. You can contact your IT manager, as they have a guide of how to automatically prompt your employees to change their passwords.

Security Software

There are many software which tests your network and payment terminals for any vulnerabilities. The first step is to check your payment processor. You can try some free firewall and do security test, as part of packages before buying the software. Some of the best firewall software are Norton Internet Security, PeerBlock and ZoneAlarm.