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Tips For Encouraging a Healthier Diet For Your Employees

Oh, how we love to eat! Food is definitely a pleasure and one that we like to take part in on a regular basis. We have church socials with home cooked foods from all the country grannies in the church, birthday parties, colleges pizza parties all the way to catered business meetings. What we eat surrounds everything we do. We use it to break the ice on a first date and to help the kids stay quiet during a movie.

However, what we eat has a huge effect on the efficiency and quality of the work we put out in a day. Whether that work is cleaning the house, building car parts, or taking over a Fortune 500 company, we truly are what we eat.

If you are looking for ways to help your business succeed, encouraging your employees to improve their diets just makes sense. Here are some ways you can do that.

Make Healthier Decisions

Throughout the day, as we work, most of us are happy, the majority of the time, to grab a soda and whatever snack we can find to munch on that will get us through the rest of the work day. But what is this doing to your productivity as a company? Depending on the snack, it could mean a more creative solution to a problem or a sluggish, let’s just get this done and over with, solution.

Most companies have annual to semiannual training periods already in place. It’s a good idea to use one or more of these times to educate your workers on how what they eat affects how well they work. Keep it simple and to the point and offer knowledge that maybe most aren’t aware of such as the fact that making healthier decisions is three-fold. Diet, exercise, and good sleep are all necessary if they want to do the best job they can.  

Provide Healthier Options at Work

Many workplaces now offer tons of food options through vending machines and onsite delis or restaurants. While this is extremely convenient and appreciated by the majority of employees, sometimes the food options offered are not the best for their health, in general, or helping get the most out of your workers.

Invoke a make-over. Replace your soda machines with juice and water options. Remove the not-so healthy options from the deli, such as the meatball sub, and renew the menus in your onsite restaurants to reflect food options that are not only good for them, but that give them the energy in a more natural way that a soda might have provided before. A lot of times, as I stated earlier, we tend to reach for the options that are easy and quick to grab. Make the choice easy.

Invest In An Onsite Gym

Part of any healthy diet is exercise. There just is no getting around it. Most people look at exercise as just something that takes up more of the time they seem to have so little of. However, what they may not realize is that regular exercise can give the energy and the focus to accomplish your daily tasks faster and more efficiently. Thus, giving them the extra hours in a day they so desperately need.

It also boosts your immune system which means less sick days and helps the average person stay in a very amiable mood. All of these will be most beneficial to the quality output of your business. Provide an onsite gym and offer free access to all employees and see if your profit margin doesn’t hit the roof.

Of course, you will always have the exceptions to the rule. There are people that are set in their ways and just won’t change, not even with the bait of a raise. However, when you make these changes in your company, those who follow your lead will almost assuredly produce better work. You will find that these changes will separate the wheat from the chaff, making your company all the more unified in the pursuit of healthy workers and a more profitable bottom line.