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The Top 5 Reasons for Malpractice Lawsuits Against Doctors

We all know that nobody’s perfect and that there’s always room for mistakes – it’s only human, but if there would be a category of people that shouldn’t be allowed to do nothing but excel at what they’re supposed to do, that would be comprised of doctors.

Sadly, many incapable physicians have slipped unseen in the ranks of doctors worldwide and they’re taken out only when patients realized that they’ve been mistreated and file lawsuits against them.

It goes without saying that one cannot sue a doctor unless the person in question has good reasons to do so. There are 5 major reasons for which a patient could sue his/her doctor.

  1. He Was Incapable to Diagnose Him/Her 

If a person went to the doctor on account of having felt unwell but that doctor was unable to diagnose him or her, this can serve as a reason for a lawsuit. There’s a Catch-22 in this case, though: a medic could follow all the right procedures and still fail to tell what’s ailing the patient.

This can happen even to the best doctors out there. You can sue a doctor for his incapability to diagnose you only if the doctor in question hasn’t followed the proper procedures.

  1. The Patient Was Injured During Surgery 

Surgery isn’t the easiest thing to do. It takes years upon years of practice, a steady hand and nerves of steel. Obviously, a doctor shouldn’t operate unless he knows what he’s doing in minute detail.

A scalpel going half a millimeter to the left or the right can be catastrophic. If a patient was disabled in the wake of a surgery, he can sue the surgeon for all he’s worth.

  1. The Medication Wasn’t Suitable For The Condition 

Being on the wrong medication can have life-long consequences. A doctor should diagnose the illness and then prescribe medication that is meant for that illness. If the doctor is not in the know concerning what medication he should prescribe, then he must not be allowed to practice medicine anymore.

  1. The Doctor Hasn’t Explained The Risks To The Patient 

Either the risks of being on a certain medication or those of going through a surgical procedure; a medic should have the written consent of a patient, stating that he/she has been informed as to what risks he/she is exposed to.

  1. Cancer Misdiagnosis 

Cancer isn’t a disease a doctor would want to misdiagnose; unfortunately, there are hundreds of people that are told that they have cancer when they don’t. If you’ve been misdiagnosed with cancer and gone through treatment and psychological stress, get a professional malpractice litigation lawyer and sue the oncologist.


Sometimes, stellar doctors make mistakes and it’s somehow understandable. Doctors are infallible. Some other times, doctors are just too stupid and incapable to provide high-quality healthcare and those are the doctors that get sued.

There are 5 reasons for filing a malpractice lawsuit against a doctor – if you can subscribe to any of these, you have to take the matter in court.