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The Importance of Encryption To your Business

I’m sure you’ve heard of all the craziness that’s happening because of privacy and security issues lately. Some stories deal with people’s personal accounts getting hacked. Some stories deal with business accounts getting hacked. But at the core of it, if people would just pay more attention to encryption and good password practices, there would be a lot less strife in the world.

Think about how vital email privacy is your business. Then think about the legal implications of having private client information on your servers. If you’re not confident that you’re using the right style of encryption, then you need to reset your standards. Just remember, if your password is lousy, no type of encryption will save you.

Email Privacy

How many horror stories have you heard about people who have gotten their emails hacked and suddenly very sensitive information is out there in the public sphere? If people encrypted their email from front to back and used appropriately encoded communication technology, there would be far fewer problems of this type. Even if the data itself got hacked, it would be entirely unreadable, thereby making back useless.

Client Information Privacy

Especially if your business has anything to do with healthcare, then you know that there are lots of client privacy laws. If you can’t figure out how to store this information securely, and you can’t figure out how to encrypt all of your data, then there will be client information available to anyone who wants to spend enough energy trying to get it. The reason there are so many federal regulations in place for the healthcare industry and privacy is that this is life-changing information if it becomes public.

Understanding Different Styles of Encryption

Even though the idea of encryption is a blanket term, it is important that you understand that different types of encryption can be used. You often see references to “military-grade encryption.” This is often associated with banking procedures or checking accounts. Because so much money is flying around digitally, without good encryption, chaos could ensue.

If Your Password Is Lousy, Encryption Doesn’t Matter

Even with all of this information, it’s essential that you and your clients realize that if you don’t use password best practices, none of the encryption will matter anyway. If people can simply log on to a system is you, then they have access to everything that you have ever written, and everything that anyone has ever written to you. If you don’t have a good system for remembering your various passwords, now is the time to get one, especially with all of the recent hacks that have gone on inside of major companies with millions of people’s information.