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The conference venue for your business in Poland

If you are looking for an interesting conference venue poland, you definitely should read this article to the end to find out about modern, well-developed place where you can meet with your contracting parties. This place is called ICE-Krakow Congress Centre and this article will provide some relevant knowledge on the venue.

Inside the ICE-Krakow Congress Centre

ICE-Krakow Congress Centre consists of three main halls that are suitable for organizing various events, such as international congresses, symposiums, conferences, business meetings, concerts and a lot more. The three halls have the maximum capacity of almost 3,000 people that makes this conference venue poland one of the biggest in the country. The ICE-Krakow Congress Centre’s mains halls are: the Auditorium Hall (the maximum capacity is 1,915), the Theatre Hall (the maximum capacity is 600) and the Chamber Hall (the maximum capacity is 300).

Outside the ICE-Krakow Congress Centre

A lot of entrepreneurs take care also of the outdoors of the conference venue poland. Luckily, the ICE-Krakow Congress Centre will certainly meet all of their expectations. Firstly, it is worth to pay attention at the location of the venue. It is placed in the real heart of Krakow at Maria Konopnicka street. Moreover, the contestants who travel by car will have plenty of possibilities to park their vehicles because there are available more than 300 parking lots in two-level underground parking. Furthermore, there are situated bus and tram stops 50 metres from ICE-Krakow Congress Centre and the travellers who travel by plane can reach this venue within 20 minutes from Krakow-Balice Airport.

Latest events in the ICE-Krakow Congress Centre

The ICE-Krakow Congress Centre is opened daily and the majority of events take place during the weekends. Some examples of the events that were held in the conference venue poland were the Moscow City Ballet performance, the Dzem band Symphonic concert, the Swam Lake play. Moreover, the European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics also took place in the ICE-Krakow Congress Centre.

How to contact the ICE-Krakow Congress Centre and book the event

If you are certain that the ICE in Krakow is a perfect conference venue poland, you should contact the venue office. The ICE is located at 17 Maria Konopnicka Street and the office is opened from Monday to Friday. You may also take the virtual tour that is available at the official website of the ICE-Krakow Congress Centre.