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The art of presentation

Any interesting lecture, speech, or meeting would not have the element of attractiveness without a good multimedia presentation. It is very difficult to encourage the listeners to take an active part in the meeting and to focus their attention on the presented things. 

People are mainly visualisers – which means that they remember more when they look and observe than when they listen. Hence the idea of enriching speeches with multimedia presentations. They can become an original way of conducting a meeting. However, it is not enough to create a few slides to achieve success. It is important to maintain certain principles.

Where to start?

When creating a multimedia presentation, start with creating the title slide. It should be remembered that the title of the presentation should be legible, written in large font and, most importantly, clearly indicating the subject of the meeting and attracting attention. You can also add a subtitle that will briefly explain the purpose of the meeting. It is a very good idea to write at the bottom of a slide about the author of the presentation.

Then we move on to the creation of a table of contents – it is a separate slide, which will present the most important assumptions and steps in the event. The next step will be to create slides with the text. Each slide should have a title and if possible a subtitle to draw the listener’s attention to the subject. The final stage will be to add a bibliography, i.e. a list of sources used during the creation of the multimedia presentation.

Is that all?

Absolutely not. Briefly presented stages of creating a multimedia presentation need to be enriched with specific elements. First of all, remember about the background. It must not be too dark and blend with the text, because then we will not get a legible effect. In various presentation programs, you can find already created backgrounds and themes. The themes already contain specific fonts, their sizes, colours and text settings. This allows you to match the theme to the selected presentation.

What to do to attract the eye?

All kinds of “decorations” will be a good addition to presentations. These are, first and foremost:

  • photos,
  • images,
  • graphics,
  • films,
  • music,
  • bullet points.

Remember the golden rule: Less text, more conversation. The text is to be only an addition to the presentation. No participant in the meeting will be interested in a slide filled with text. The presentation should include keywords, important sentences and photos. In addition, you can add transitions between slides. To make the presentation more imaginative, it can be enriched with sound effects or music. It is also a good idea to paste a short video or a link to it.

The presentation should not be too long and monotonous, because the participant of the meeting will lose interest after a short time, and what’s worse, will not take away anything valuable from the event in which he participated. Colourful photos, pictures, clear charts or tables will make a listener remember more than just the title of the presentation.

More information

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