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Staying Focused When You’re A Remote Worker

Working in a remote position gives you a freedom you simply don’t experience with a conventional position.  You can keep up with your work while exploring different locations, relaxing in a cafe downtown, or sitting in the sand by the ocean.  

Wherever you choose to roam, the most important thing to remember is to remain focused on getting your job done.  Here is a quick breakdown of a few ways to keep yourself focused while still enjoying the freedom of being a remote professional.  

Make a plan for each day

Design a plan for what you want to get done each day before you begin working.  Having a plan helps to add structure to your work day, and typically results in getting more done.  Avoid the chaotic guesswork of the work day, and set your goals one day at a time.  

Designate work time and space

Again, structure is most helpful when you don’t work a conventional job.  You are your own boss, and that means you’re responsible for designating your own work hours.  Working similar hours each day will help family members adjust to the quiet times.

You must also have a designated workspace.  A space set up strictly for business-related activities will help keep you focused on the job at hand.  When you work in a home “office,” it is easier to set physical boundaries with housemates.

Run away if necessary

If your home isn’t the best environment for work, try experimenting with a modern concept.  Go to a business cafe, and get focused on business.  Networking opportunities are also a perk of frequenting these gathering spaces.  

The more often you expose yourself to a pool of professionals, the more likely you are to spark meaningful conversations and forge meaningful connections.  Open up your world, and escape the chaotic environment of home.

Let the sun shine through

If you are fortunate enough to have a home office, make sure there is plenty of natural light flooding into the space as you work.  Exposure to natural light is paramount for encouraging a positive attitude, and Vitamin D helps boost serotonin levels in the brain.  

You’ll be happier if your office space is brighter.  If you’re not a fan of sunlight, there are options for bulbs that produce the closest thing to natural lighting.  

Balance your work and leisure

It’s easy to have a little too much leisure time when you work from home.  Be careful not to allow your leisure to turn detrimental to your work. On the flipside, don’t let your work take over your home life.  You have to make time for a personal life, no matter how bad you want to push harder.