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Spectacular Footage: Four Ways to Make Your Wedding Footage Better

Your wedding is a special event. It is something that you and your partner are going to cherish for the rest of your lives. This is one reason you must capture the day perfectly. The following are a few tips that will help you capture your wedding day with video and photography.

1. Control Images
You want to try to make sure that your wedding is captured right, but smartphones pose a threat to that. Many people take pictures during a wedding, and sometimes these individuals are not very talented, which means unflattering photographs or videos could show up on the internet. Furthermore, some phones flash a bright light when taking a photograph or recording a video, which could ruin images taken by professionals. It might be hard for you to take away phones at your wedding, but you can politely ask your guests not to use phones during the event.

2. Expand Styles
You might have already chosen your videographers and photographers, which is great, but you probably settled on one style. Perhaps you went with the common styles like the classical or traditional. There is nothing wrong with normal styles, but it might be a good idea to hire additional photographers and videographers to capture the wedding using various styles like the artistic style or the documentary style. What you are doing here is improving the chances of combining footages and images that are simply divine and unique.

3. Grandiose
Those who really want to add grandiose footage to your wedding videos and photographs might want to consider Rotor View cinematography. The idea behind this type of photography is to capture the wedding from angles that would normally be impossible for most photographs unless they take major risks. What you are going to be getting is aerial footage using drones. The footage should capture just how large your event truly is and can show everyone who sees it just how much effort was put into it. This might be the only way to capture the entirety of your wedding in a few shots or video clips.

4. Location
Do not be afraid to give your photographer freedom to take you to more than one location. Sure, your wedding location is probably wonderful, but there are bound to be other locations nearby where you can take pictures or shoot a few videos. This should add to your wedding footage and album more than you could have imagined. You can choose the locations, but your photographer and videographer can scout your region to find additional locations that might spruce up the overall feel of your wedding’s footage.

These are just some of the ways that you can enhance your wedding photographs and videos. You can talk to your photographer or videographer about other ways that you can improve the look of your wedding if you want. Do not leave anything to chance because you only get one shot at capturing this day right, so do not spare any expense.