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Slot machine cheats that don’t work

If you thought that casinos – both online and offline – had never had a problem with cheats and scammers, think again. However, if there was a big problem, it most likely occurred in the past – modern day games are much harder to cheat and there is so much technology in use that it seems almost impossible to get any kind of advantage over the casino kings and the games played within it.

Yet when you look back at early 20th century slot machines, for example, you can see that this is really where (and when) the cheats did their ‘best’ work. Let’s take a look at some of the old ways people used to cheat that just don’t work any longer. Some are funny, some are ingenious, and some are downright weird.

Coin On A String

The coin on a string technique was among the most widely used methods of cheating slot machines, primarily on account of its amazing simplicity. As the title indicates, cheaters only needed to have in their possession a piece of string and a coin. So this might explain why this method of cheating was so popular; it cost next to nothing and could bring in a lot of cash. 

It works like this: cheaters would drill a hole in a coin and then thread some string through. Once the coin had been registered, they pulled it back out. Doing this meant they could often fool the slot machine’s coin feeder mechanism, making it appear as though they had paid money in money when they hadn’t. They would, in fact, be playing for free and could do so for as long as they wanted. 

This cheat was made obsolete after slot machine creators changed the coin feeder to be notified to the coins on a string; cheaters had to find new ways of doing things. 

Using Powerful Electromagnets

Another well-liked casino cheat which was used during the mid-1900s was using powerful electromagnets to physically spin the reels into winning combinations. Theoretically, you can win the jackpot by doing this, and most casino cheats did precisely this before slot machine designers made the casing of the machines thicker. 

This made the highly effective electromagnet technique useless, and since it was pretty hard to hide large magnets anyway, it soon stopped happening. 

Climbing Inside The Slot Machine

You might think we’re just kidding with this one, but no – it’s a real way that people used to cheat on slots. Several times people were caught (obviously) climbing inside slot machines in an attempt to manually manipulate the reels so that winning combinations would land. 

It does not take a genius to know that this particular method is practically impossible to finish successfully. Someone in Las Vegas was even found to have got wedged in a slot machine! It’s dangerous – don’t do it (even for a laugh). 

Fake Coins

You can find a couple of slot cheats available now that try out and make use of the fake coin strategy, however they hardly ever have success nowadays due to the sophisticated coin feeder mechanisms in today’s slot machines. Still, this was once hugely popular, employing waste bits of metal to act as coins and therefore costing nothing and not looking overly suspicious either.