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Remember These Five Tips When Designing Your New Business Website

Designing a functional business website is an essential step in business today.  There is not much hope for forward progression in your company without a well designed business site.  If you are running a small business, odds are, you are the chosen web designer.

Novice designers build successful websites every day.  The key is to put in the time to research just what people are truly looking to find.  Take a moment, and begin your research now.  Here are a few absolutely essential aspects of a well-designed business website.

Winning aspects of homepage design

When it comes to homepage design, you want to invest in attention grabbers.  Ask yourself what you can do to immediately grab the attention of passing web users.  It is estimated that designers have less than ten seconds to interest viewers before they move on to another website.

Do not clutter your site’s homepage with ads and sales information.  Allow viewers the chance to get a feel for your company before proposing that they spend their money.  Use a clean and concise layout to make your homepage look more professional.

Keep the lines of communication clear

Communication is one of the most important, foundational concepts of business.  If you cannot communicate, then your business has a very bleak future.  Your website should provide every opportunity possible for people to make contact with someone in the company.

Provide active email information, fax numbers, phone numbers, and even a brick and mortar address on your contact page.  This example page is like many “Contact Us” designs, utilizing a simple contact form template.

Blog entries spread out your content

Building an eclectic collection of informative blog posts on your business website is one of the most effective ways to make your site more visible.  Invest in the quality of your blog posts, as there are plenty of mindless rants online.

The subject matter of your blog posts should be relevant to the purpose of your business.  Advancements in the industry, managerial tips, and much more can keep your business blog going for quite some time.

Share a bit about the company’s professionals

Create an informative “About Us” page for your company website, highlighting the accomplishments of some of your most pivotal professionals.  When visitors see that your professionals are thoroughly competent in their positions, they will feel more competent about their purchase.

Answer those nagging questions

Do not leave out the essential “Frequently Asked Questions” page when designing your business website.  Preparing a list of questions that frequently pop up in your customer service queue will save your company time and money.  It will also save your web users some undue frustration.