On this website, we aim to educate individuals and companies about all financial matters. Using simple terminology, we hope to give a deep insight into the workings of business, banking, investments, and finance, aiming to help people to reach their financial targets. Making money and optimising company profits is often down to having solid information at one’s disposal.

More often than not, individuals and business owners get lost in the jungle of complicated financial terminology and do not have the time to research the necessary areas. To address this issue, we have placed a blog at the centre of our website. Here, we discuss a variety of financial topics in an effort to provide solid financial insight in an easy-to-understand manner. We aim to save our readers the time and trouble of researching complex financial matters by writing about these topics in our blog.

The Success of this Blog

Our blogging efforts have borne abundant fruit. Today, an excess of 15’000 different website visitors read our content, and indications are, this number will continue to grow for quite some time. The website statistics have been entirely encouraging, and our resolve to continue to publish strong content has only grown stronger.

When we established this blog, we took turns writing posts. My father and my two uncles, Mikolaj and Tomasz, published several posts about the early days of CMT Corp, and all of us shared our business expertise in a wide variety of posts. On occasion, we asked clients or business partners to submit guest posts and realised immediately, how invaluable guest posts were to our website. While we could write about countless financial topics, publishing insights and opinions of other experts greatly enhances the quality of our blog.

The reaction from our many thousand readers has been resoundingly positive, so much so that we’ve decided to put a call out for guest publications. This call now expands to you. Simply fill out the contact form below.

The Content of this Blog

As bloggers, we are educators, reporters and analysts in our chosen area of expertise. Obviously, the content of this blog relates to the services we provide, in short, we predominantly publish posts featuring financial expertise. Quite frequently, we also publish accounts of how businesses overcame challenging times, how they achieved success and how they created their wealth. We also publish the latest world financial news or highlight current financial trends.

We have narrowed down to topics to the following list to facilitate budding guest contributors:

  • Banks
  • Business News
  • Credits and Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Globalization
  • Insurance
  • Investment Ideas
  • Personal Finance
  • Money Making Ideas
  • Running a Small Business
  • Stock Trading
  • Taxes
  • World of Finance

All of the above-listed topics cover rather wide areas and leave you plenty of scope to craft a good title and strong guest post. If you have never published anything before and need some guidance on possible titles, please take a look at the following sample titles:

  • How Long are 0%+ Interest Rates Likely to Last?
  • How to Find the Best Loan Providers
  • What to Look Out for When Choosing a Mortgage Provider

Top Publishing Opportunity

Regardless of whether you are a renowned blogger or a novice, having a guest post published on this website provides great benefits. Firstly, we put the writer at the centre of each guest publication and do everything we can to entice our 15’000 readers to visit your blog. Your stature as a writer and your visibility will grow, and you may well receive requests for further publications from other websites.

If you have a blog or website, you may insert links or mention it in your post. Novices, on the other hand, will gain valuable blogging experience and have the support of our entire blogging team.

Submit a Guest Post

Please fill in the form below to consult us on a concept or title. We will respond quickly, provide you with feedback and discuss the road to publication. We hope to count you among our valued guest bloggers in the not too distant future.