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Presentation Box vs. Wallet: Which is Right for Your Custom Ties?

You don’t have to present your custom ties in a presentation box or wallet. Sometimes this is entirely unnecessary, or else the added cost will not really be worth it. However, a box or wallet is often appreciated, especially if you’re presenting the tie more formally. With that in mind, you need to know when it’s right to opt for a box and when it’s right to opt for a wallet.

To help you decide, here’s a quick and easy guide to the benefits of each option.

Why Should You Use a Presentation Box?

A presentation box is a little more expensive than a presentation wallet, but it’s also well worth the cost. You must remember that a presentation box is built to last. It perfectly protects a tie, so you can store a tie in one indefinitely without having to worry about creases or wear. That’s useful if you need to keep a few on hand without risking damage, and it means whoever you present your tie to will have a handy container for their tie that should last for years.

Of course, a presentation box is also a touch more impressive. There’s an added sense of ceremony when you present a tie in its own special box, which is ideal for club ties.

Why Should You Use a Presentation Wallet?

In some ways, presentation boxes are more practical than presentation wallets since you can use them for long-term storage. However, boxes take up a lot more room. Let’s say you’re ordering school or university ties. You’ll probably have to order quite a few and keep them all in one place. There’s a big difference between storing a few hundred ties in boxes and a few hundred ties in wallets.

Wallets are also a little easier if you want to give out your ties quickly. They’re also a more economical option, perfect if you’re sticking to a budget. All in all, a presentation wallet is ideal when you’re providing ties to lots of people at once.