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Personal Finance Tips For A More Thrifty Lifestyle

Saving money is always a great goal, but too often, we fail to see our saving plans through.  The key to true savings is changing the way you live. One thrifty decision does not a millionaire make.  Successfully saving money requires making many thrifty decisions, over and over again.

If you’re aiming towards a financially successful future, you’ll need to start as soon as possible.  Read through this brief article, highlighting some personal finance tips for living a more thrifty lifestyle, and start enjoying peace of mind today.  

Get a bank account or credit card with a sign-on bonus

Sign-on bonuses are all the rage today, and there are an array of different banks offering some pretty respectable sums for new customers.  Simply moving your existing money around every once in a while will make you a few hundred bucks a year.

There are also several different credit card agencies which offer a financial stimulus for new customers.  If you have decent credit, find the cards with the best sign-up bonus, and make money while you spend money.  

Get rid of the cable bill

There is absolutely no reason to be paying an arm and a leg for conventional cable access.  Cable is a thing of the past. Save your money, and cut your visual entertainment costs in half.  With services like Netflix and Hulu, you can keep up with all of your favorite shows for a much smaller monthly expense.  

Start a small veggie garden

It doesn’t take much of a financial investment to get a small vegetable garden started.  Growing your own veggies is more healthy and much more affordable than purchasing all your vegetables from a grocery store.  

When you grow your own food, you can be assured that it is organic and non-GMO.  Make sure that when you purchase your seeds they are labeled as non-GMO. You will also enjoy seeing (and tasting) the fruits (or veggies) of your labor.  

Set up an auto-draft to your savings account

You can always make yourself save money by setting up an auto-draft from your checking to your savings account.  Each pay period, the bank will impose you will on your funds, and make certain that you are saving money.

Find the best prices for whatever you need to buy

Sometimes in life you just have to splurge on a product, and sometimes you just want to – and that’s fine! When you feel guilty for spending money it’s a lot harder to save, a sustainable way to save is to not really notice that you’re doing it in the first place. So, rather than kicking yourself for needing/wanting to buy something, just get it for a better price than you ordinarily would by checking out sites like Only Reviews. They’ll make it easier to put the pennies away and still get whatever you wanted!

Pay for your bad habits

One creative way to reap multifaceted benefits is to pay for your bad habits.  For instance, if you’re a smoker, quit smoking.

Quit smoking, and place the money you would have spent on cigarettes into a stash jar.  Before you know it, you’ll have sizeable savings.  Whatever your crutch may be, you could probably save a lot of money by cutting it out.