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Perfect Warsaw’s body to body massage – 3 tips

The capital of Poland is often associated with its turbulent history. However, even though it’s full of its traces, the city doesn’t only live its past. Warsaw is also a rapidly developing metropolis which provides its habitants with numerous places to spend their free time –also unconventionally. Famous for its massage offer, it is a perfect place for the first visit to an erotic spa and trying one of Warsaw body to body massage.


Table of contents

  1. Location of the erotic spa

  2. The variety of Warsaw body to body massages

  3. Privacy and atmosphere inside erotic spa


Location of the erotic spa


Constantly expanding, Warsaw has lately become an enormous agglomeration, a big part of which are the suburbs. That’s why it’s crucial to stay within the central area – moving around the most lively neighborhoods spread across the river can be a confusing experience. The surroundings of the Palace of Culture and Science will be the best choice when it comes to location. The Parade Square, on which the emblematic building is located, constitutes the central point of the capital. Surrounded by three metro stations, it’s one of the best-connected areas of the city. It’s also a good place to start your trip from – there are a lot of bars, restaurants and leisure places in the neighborhood, as well as erotic spas. One of them is Desert Rose, which has its salons on Jasna Street and Grzybowska Street. For detailed locations, check https://desertrose24.com/.


The variety of Warsaw body to body massages


The right choice of the massage is crucial when it comes to the first visit to the erotic spa – if you have chosen right, you will want to come back as soon as possible. Depending on the technique, the approach to the massage differs fundamentally. For example, Thai massage allows you to stay in clothes; meanwhile, the clients that have chosen warsaw Nuru massage will be asked to undress completely. Any personal wishes should be reported directly in the erotic spa where the choice can be adjusted to your preferences. 


Privacy and atmosphere inside erotic spa

Like any type of service, that is based on mutual intimacy, the erotic spa should provide privacy. For many of the clients, it’s the crucial factor which determines their sense of comfortability – and without it, the deep relaxation is impossible. Choosing a perfect erotic spa, it’s also worth to keep in mind that the atmosphere created in the salon plays a big part in the course of the massage session. Candles, aromatic oils, and beautiful textiles will surely lift the experience to a higher level.