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Managing the investment in 4 easy steps

People who get involved in the investment business always become greedy after getting access to leverage. The people who are successful at taking trades in the financial market are also greedy at the initial stage. But due to their risk management and trade endurance skills, they have learned the role of money management. In order to stay on the safe side of trading, you have a lot to learn from the experienced CFD trader. They know how to deal with the risk exposure like a pro trader. Let’s find out the key steps which we can take to manage the risk exposure in the Forex market.

Lower the risk to 1%

Don’t be fooled by using the famous 2% rule of money management. By taking a 2% risk in each trade, you actually impose a great threat to your trading career. You have to know the match of finding the cumulative loss. For instance, if you take more than a 2% risk in 4 trades and lose those 4 trades, you are actually losing 8% of your account balance. To be on the safe side, you must not risk more than 3% of your account in a day. By reducing the risk to 1%, you will create a unique opportunity to earn more money. You have to always remember trading is an art. To survive in this market, you should stay tuned with the market and learn to act like the expert CFD traders in Singapore.

Try to follow the trend

To manage your investment you must follow the trend. Without following the core trend of the market, you will always lose money. In fact, this is the major reason why retail traders in Singapore are always having trouble with trading. You might think you know a lot about the CFD market. But this is not all true. Learning has no end when it comes to CFD trading. You should carefully curate the trade and find a well-balanced method to take trades with strict discipline. Stop chasing the complicated market structure and come up with a unique idea so that you can make a decent profit will low risk.

Trade with the top brokers

You must read more about the top brokers so that you know their functions properly. Without taking the trades with the top broker, it is hard to manage the profit and change your life. For instance, if you chose a broker like Saxo, it will be a complicated task to make money as a currency trader, you won’t be able to make a consistent profit this will lead to a loss. Since you won’t have any access to the professional trading tools, you will lose money from most of the trades. So, choose your broker carefully, if you want to become a skilled trader in the industry. Spending some time to find a great broker like Saxo can greatly improve your trading career.

Diversify the risk exposure

Being an CFD trader, you should diversify the risk exposure. It is the only method by which you can take the trade. Never try to push things to the limit by taking high risk in one trade. Follow your risk management rule and try to come up with a unique idea so that you don’t have to blow up the trading account. Instead of taking a 2% risk in a certain asset, take trades in 2 assets. This will help you to make more profit by maintaining consistency. Stop chasing random trades like an aggressive trader. Learn more about portfolio analysis so that you can invest your money wisely.


Becoming a skilled trader in the CFD industry is a very tough task. But if you carefully analyze the risk exposure in each trade, you will know it can offer you financial freedom. So, learn to take the trades with discipline and stop using a strict method in trading.