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Leading by Example – 6 Simple Tips On How You Can Apply This to Your Business Today

Effective leadership should make a positive impact on its subjects. The way a leader presents himself determines his ability to motivate others and exercise authority. Do you lead to inspire others or boost the profits of your company? Achieving both of these objectives is essential but, leading to inspire others should take pre-eminence. Also referred to as leading by example, the goal is not only to ensure the success of the company but to allow the employees feel fulfilled in their different roles. The text looks at six tips to help you apply the concept to your company:

Practice Servant Leadership

Good leaders embrace the idea of servant leadership which means you won’t require anything from your team that you have not done. While you can’t always perform all the tasks, you should make a conscious effort to do it periodically. As such, your staff is motivated to execute the tasks at hand without coercion.

Managing through Adaptive Change

The current business environment is prone to unexpected changes. It calls for leaders to know the appropriate time to change the business operations even if it leads to reinvention. Such changes can be scary to the employees as some may lose their jobs. A leader who leads by example can actively manage the changes in a way that leaves workers content.

First, you need to communicate what the change is and how it will make the company more successful. Secondly, you should appreciate each member’s role in the company and explain how the change will affect them. A leader should also inform the staff what the leadership is doing to provide the relevant resources during the transition. Being a real leader is not something that you can learn in one day. It sometimes takes years of practice. Still, if you want to speed up your progress, you can always take advantage of leadership courses offered by business schools such as the Schulich Executive Education Centre.

Nurture Relationships with People

Having a team of competent employees is vital to good and effective leadership. You can achieve this by valuing your team members and nurturing relationships through active listening skills, and open communication. Leading by example also calls for integrity and transparency with your team members. When you value people and relationships, you develop your ability to relate to them in a meaningful way.

Establish a High Level of Excellence

You should raise the bar on important factors for yourself and your team members. When you show excellence in what you are doing, your team members will follow suit; you establish ground rules for others to follow. The rule of the thumb here is not to linger in mediocrity.

Develop Strategic Cooperation

Teamwork is invaluable to effective leadership especially if you can form high-performing teams. Individuals produce better results when they work together. Leading by example calls for actively committing to teamwork and making it an attractive element of workplace culture. Teamwork results in reduced burnout, enhanced interpersonal skills and trust among employees.

Ability to Resolve Conflicts Effectively

Conflict resolution is a core leadership competency. An individual who leads by example should resolve conflicts fast and thoughtfully without prejudice. Your ability to achieve a resolution quickly boosts your ability to lead.

These six tips should help lead by example effectively. They are not easy to execute consistently and require constant evaluation to become a better leader to your team members or employees.