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Key Positions To Hire For Your Small Business Startup

Gathering together all the right professionals for your new small business startup can be challenging without the right guidance.  If you have no experience running your own business, you can’t be sure exactly what you need.

It helps to gather information from others who have already walked your path, and draw from their experiences.  Start now, and read through this brief overview of some of the most pivotal positions to hire for your new small business startup.  

Hire for financing/accounting

Getting your finances in order is a foundational part of running a business of any size.  You need professionals who know how to manage the finances of a business, and you need someone who can keep detailed records.  

When it comes time to file taxes for the business, you don’t want to be caught without the proper information.  Hiring the right professional for this job could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Hire a Project Management Professional

Your operation needs a position in charge of keeping your organization’s projects on course.  Someone has to be responsible for getting things done, and your Project Management Professional will be trained to do the job.  

A PMP is certified to handle the full scope of project management for your organization, and filling this position can bring immense peace of mind for a new business owner.  

You need an IT Specialist

Your small business may not center around something in technology, but technology is always a part of running a business.  You need an IT Specialist to handle situations with your networks, systems, computer hardware, software, and anything your business does online.  

If you’re not trained in the ways of the web, then you’re not equipped to handle the IT issues your business may encounter.  Invest in a trained IT professional to keep your business running smooth.

Human Resources needs personnel

If you’re running a business, you’ll have to know how to handle people.  Typically your Human Resources personnel will work through an issues with your employees, and they will handle the hiring and firing around the office.  

Keep your hands clean of the bulk of the social aspects of the office, and hire a Human Resources professional to keep everyone in the office as close to satisfied as possible.  

Every business needs a marketing head

No business is complete without personnel to plan for growth and promote your organization.  Hire a marketing professional to create and plan out a strategic marketing campaign for your business.  

The technology involved in modern business marketing requires a distinct realm of knowledge and time.  You’ll need a seperate position to efficiently launch a winning marketing campaign.