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Keep your Business Safe with Threat Intelligence Analysis

We’ve all seen the news; yet another company has been attacked and confidential information hacked and stolen. Thousands of Social Security numbers stolen. Hundreds of credit card names and numbers taken. It doesn’t matter how large or small a company is, if it handles personal or financial information of any kind, then it can become the target of unscrupulous cyber-criminals.

If you have concerns about whether your company may be hit by malware, ransom-ware or a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, then you should do yourself a favor – invest in a threat intelligence analysis system. OK, you may have antivirus and security software installed on your centrally located network server(s) and additional client software installed on each endpoint or device, but keeping your business safe from attacks requires more than just having endpoint protection in place.

What is threat intelligence analysis

Think of it as a detailed, organized and refined report showing information regarding potential or current cyber-attacks that can undermine and threaten your business. The main purpose of threat intelligence analysis is to educate companies and organizations to the risks of the most common, severe external threats and provide comprehensive information about specific threats that could do the most damage and to help keep your business safe.

Find out if your business is safe

Organize a demonstration. The software supplier will install a threat intelligence package and scan your network to find out just how vulnerable your company really is. Once you have the report, you can make informed decisions as to how far you need to go to protect your data and decide how much to invest in order to safeguard your business. Without having this information to hand, you will never know if you are truly safe or if you have just been lucky.

Prepare for the worst

Threat intelligence tools and suppliers will assist you in building a strategy for threat prevention. For instance, do your employees know that human error is one of the biggest causes of data breaches? Over 60% of malware and ransomware attacks are the result of email phishing scams where employees are unwittingly tricked into allowing criminals access to their company’s computer network. Training your workforce to recognize the most widely used tactics in such attacks and teaching them to follow standard protocol can help in preventing successful attacks.

Prevention is better than a cure

The threat intelligence software will, on a daily basis, invade your network to discover any openings in security. At that point, you will have the capacity to not only fill the gaps the software found, but also be able to plug any other holes in the network. It can also simulate attacks so you can practice recommended responses to threats. If your business in one of the “high-risk” sectors, or a business where personal or sensitive information is stored, then the price for not protecting that data will far out-weigh the cost of the threat intelligence system.