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Jump-starting Your Client Base: SEO For Financial Advisors

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a set of skills, digital facilities, and practices which, used correctly, can ensure you’re properly utilising your online assets to make your business as visible as possible to potential clients. While financial advisors provide a highly unique and often tailored service, a solid client-base is the difference between a successful business and a foundering one, and good SEO allows you to direct would-be clients straight to your doorstep from the moment they begin enquiries; you may have the sleekest website, but it’s of little use if people can’t find it. These days, it’s not enough to bulk up your website with keywords and hope for the best – users and clients are looking to be engaged, receiving useful information which may lead them to a particular service.

Why Does It Matter?

The online tools people are using to find financial advice are more exact and finessed than ever; search engines possess complex algorithms to judge the reliability, trustworthiness, and relevance of content in any particular area. Google alone takes into account over 200 factors when ranking websites. With solid SEO content, you can ensure that your website consistently ranks highly in Google search results, generating the all-important clicks you need to spread the word about your services. High-income households are some of the highest search-engine users out there, meaning your ideal market is readily available – and looking for you. Credibility is hugely important to a financial advisor, and high visibility on trusted websites like Google helps you stand out as a relevant and trustworthy source of advice.

Getting the Right SEO for You

As a high-end, tailored service, it’s important to note your distinct SEO needs. Unlike traditional commercial enterprises, you aren’t going after an enormous volume of clicks per day – instead, your website will be targeting stronger leads –people who’ve begun searching with a strong commercial intent- with highly specific keyword categories. SEO for financial advisors is about balancing specificity with accessibility, and converting a high percentage of the potential clients clicking on your page. With services like financial advice, customers will often be searching for businesses in their local area, which means tailoring your content and keyword usage accordingly, as well as delivering fresh, relevant content for the people in your part of the world.

With broader industry keyword searches such as ‘financial planning’ and ‘investment advice’ Google also displays ‘Local’ listings, which use functionality from Google Maps to display local businesses fitting the client’s needs. To take full advantage of this, make sure you have a Google My Business page.

Getting Help with SEO

Achieving solid FINANCIER SEO is a complex business, and fully tailored SEO for financial advisors necessitates a serious investment of time in the creation and maintenance of a trustworthy, appropriate, and informative online presence. Alongside your own hosted content, off-page SEO involves maintaining a significant stable of high-quality and dependable backlinks approved by search engines. Google has increasingly been measuring technical aspects of a site, like loading speeds and mobile accessibility, as a part of their efforts to improve optimisation, which means you’ll need a technically optimised website to climb the rankings. Services are available for financial advisors looking to outsource this sort of time-intensive work, and most digital marketing strategists like those at Destiny Marketing Solutions will include link-building and technical SEO as a part of their comprehensive SEO program.