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The 20s are heady. Fun even. You have just graduated from college and probably on your first job. With it comes an income that is not much but can at least get you around. You have no major financial obligations besides repaying your college debt, rent and settling your utility bills.

It is quite easy to fall into a trap of spending whatever is left of your income in luxuries and entertainment. However, this should not be the case since your 20s are important in you learning the financial skills and discipline needed for you to prosper in your 30s.

It is in your 20s that you learn important money lessons.

Delayed gratification

Granted, everyone wants the fine things in life. However, few can get them when they want them. Learning to rein in on your wants will be the most important lesson you will learn in your 20s.

You need to learn that there are some purchases that can wait until you are in a better financial position. You don’t need to buy the latest iPhone if the current one is just working fine, and if you need to, save for it instead of spending your food money or borrowing to buy it.

Live within your means

There are your peers and college mates who will get better jobs and earn more money than you do. It is tempting to fall into peer pressure and want to replicate the lifestyle that they are leading. It is okay if you can afford it but if you can’t, you will find yourself in all sorts of financial trouble.

You don’t have to keep up with the Joneses. Live within your means. Living to impress people will most likely get you into debt that you will have a hard time repaying.

Invest in yourself

The world is yours for the taking if you invest in yourself. Exercise and take care of your body – you will appreciate the effort when you grow older. Upgrade your skills, travel the world and open your mind and heart to new experiences. You have a lot of freedom to explore the world when you have no kids or family commitments to tie you down. Take advantage of it.

More importantly, invest in your career. Don’t be complacent. Attend trainings, networking events and professional events. You can always get additional qualifications to leverage for a better salary. For instance, if you are a doctor, you can go into specializations where a Cardiologist Salary is way better than that of a general practitioner.

Save and invest

No, you are not too young to invest. If you can legally buy alcohol then you are old enough to make smart financial decisions. Save for a rainy day. Investing in your 20s will earn you more money because of the compound interest factor.

When your paycheck arrives, set money aside for emergencies and savings with the goals of investing in the near future. This money will come in handy should you lose your job and build your wealth portfolio.