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Importance Of Recognizing And Rewarding the Performance Of Millennials

In the present age, the face of workforce is changing steadily. Today, you will see that people from Generation X are retiring and being replaced by millennials. It is good to have a changing workforce because with new people come new ideas. However, one of the biggest challenges that employers usually face is managing this diverse millennial workforce.

There are a number of researches that have revealed that one of the most efficient ways to keep millennials motivated is to appreciate their efforts. By now, you may have known that millennials are different and have different reasons to be motivated. Let’s have a look at how you can use your power2motivate on millennial:

Recognize Their Efforts

It is seen that millennials work more efficiently when you give them feedbacks and acknowledge their efforts. According to a research, 42% millennials want feedback every week, whereas 80% want feedback in real time. Recognising achievements in real time may not be possible on a regular basis, which is why it is recommended that you appreciate them at least once a month.

Make It Unexpected

Traditional recognition, which is given when an employee achieves a milestone does very little to motivate a millennial. If you want to acknowledge their work and efforts, do it unexpectedly and make it social, that is, let anyone in the company know of their accomplishment.

Be Specific

You need to make sure that the reward and recognition program of your company recognises specific behaviours and actions. If an employee does something which was beneficial for the company, award them in a way that it inspires others to make it the norm. Building a culture around good behaviours and professional ethics is always rewarding in the short as well as long term and also strengthens your core values.

Personalize Recognition

Millennials give a lot of importance to their own selves, so you need to find a way to make their rewards more personalised. You can perhaps allow the employees to choose the rewards themselves according to their interest and priorities.

 Make It a Learning Experience

If you want millennials to respond well, give them feedback and advice about how to do things better. This generation responds well to mentoring and suggestions from more experienced and accomplished employees.

Give Them Opportunity to Grow

Millennial want the opportunity to grow, so make sure that you design and implement training and development programs for them.

Tips to Recognize and Reward a Millennial

Here are some tips that will help you reward as well as recognise the efforts of the millennials in your workforce:

  • Recognise the specific behaviour that you want to appreciate.
  • Recognise in the front of the entire company.
  • Try to appreciate their efforts as soon as possible.
  • Recognise, but at the same time, give them more opportunities for growth.