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Identifying and Controlling Termites

Identifying and Controlling Termites: Get Help from Pest Control Experts

Termites are common enemies of homeowners because they can damage a home’s structure despite their size. If these bugs feast on your house, you have to take the issue seriously and know how to prevent them from returning. Educating yourself will help protect your home and wallet from these wood-destroying pests. Once you suspect a possible terminate infestation, contact a reputable provider of pest control services in Boise immediately. Your provider will help you know as much as possible about these pests, including how to identify and control them:

Knowing If You Have Termites

To prevent termites from invading your property, you should be alert for them. These pests rarely emerge from mud tubes, soil, or food sources, although they tunnel through them. You may not know you have termites on your property until you spot a swarm or discover damage during construction. to discover termites, you must probe exposed wood for hollow spots and identify termites. The wings of a termite are also the same in length and these bugs have straight antennae. You may come across native subterranean termites, dry wood termites, or Formosan termites.

Preventing a Termite Infestation

Making your home structure less attractive to termites is the first step to preventing an infestation. During construction, consider using a concrete foundation and ensure there is enough ventilation space between the wood and soil. Ensure wood surfaces are covered with a metal barrier or sealant. When construction is completed, keep the soil around your foundation dry by maintaining the gutters and downspouts. Get in touch with professionals with a similar caliber to Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning to get an estimate about the damage. Also, it can help to minimize openings that provide these bugs access to the structure. Don’t ignore leaks and keep your vents blockage-free.

Kinds of Termite Treatments

When treating termites, you can choose non-chemical or chemical treatments. Non-chemical treatments include incorporating a physical barrier like a steel mesh during construction. All of this might sound easy. If not for the help of professionals, it could be quite hard. Hence, it might be a good idea to call someone from firms like Proactive Pest Control to get a better idea of how to get rid of these pests.

Chemical treatments for termites include termiticides, wood treatments, and termite baits. When used as directed, pesticides for termites are safe to use. A pest management expert (for example, a Residential Exterminator in Las Vegas) may be able to provide the expertise, knowledge, and equipment labels required to reduce the risk and increase effectiveness.

Handling an Infestation

If you believe you have a termite issue on your property, hire a pest control company but be careful with your choice. Companies that provide termite services should be licensed by the state. When hiring a company, ask to see its license and contact the state pesticide regulatory agency of the state if you have any concerns. Also, if you use pesticides yourself, read the product label thoroughly to know how to use the product and know the possible risks.