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How to plan a Babymoon vacation?

Babymoon, a phase where a couple has an intruder that does not cries or poops but makes the mom do everything he wants. It is the last time when, as a couple you will enjoy a romantic getaway alone (not entirely). But there are many things that you need to understand while planning the vacation as your partner needs extra attention, space, and comfort. First and foremost seek your gynaecologist’s permission and once the consent is granted, keep in mind below-mentioned tips:

  • Get pregnancy travel insurance: First of all, your general health insurance won’t cover your medical expenses during transit especially internationally. Secondly, if you are pregnant then you need pregnancy insurance to cover health complications, premature delivery or emergency while you are travelling. You can get a fast cover maternity insurance that will cover emergencies while you are vacationing. When it comes to pregnancy one should cover all the loopholes and risks to avoid any mishap.
  • Plan second-trimester babymoon: While the first trimester is all about morning sickness, low energy, major mood swings and chances of miscarriage are also high; you should avoid travelling. Whereas, third trimester is all about comfort and possibilities of premature delivery are high. So, second trimester is the best time to travel as the energy is high and mood swings are less.
  • Ditch the risk: Now is not the time to experiment. Instead, you should stick to the destinations that are developed and have excellent medical facilities. A mother needs familiar food and environment, so choose a place with a tropical climate and modern amenities. Avoid crossing international waters or vacationing in a different continent altogether as the flight will be long and vacation will be challenging as your pregnant partner will have to adjust a lot.
  • Get your shots: While travelling overseas, it is essential to get proper body check-up and cover the risk. One should get all the shots like malaria, Zika virus, yellow fever, etc. to avoid any problems. Along with it ask your gynaecologist to make a diet plan that you can follow or medicines that you can take if you feel nauseated or symptoms of morning sickness return.
  • Pregnancy packing: While you are packing for you and your baby bump, make sure that you choose comfort over fads. Exchange heels with platforms, tights with stretch pants and most important pack light while travelling. Keep some munchies with you all the time and ditch heavy accessories and bump band, so that impact of jerks is minimal.
  • Bookings and reservations: Opt for flights that provide assistance to a pregnant woman especially in case of emergency. Along with it book an aisle seat so that you can visit washroom easily.

Lastly, the goal of babymoon should be a relaxing holiday, not the adventurous one. So do not overexert or overdo while travelling and take proper rest. With proper planning and care your babymoon will be the best vacation you will ever experience.