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How to Organize a Networking Event that Pays for Itself

I suppose I could very well have titled this post a little differently, emphasizing the targeting of corporate authorities who perhaps want to organize a corporate event that pays for itself. Naturally you’d have a budget set aside for such do-s in anyway, but hey, if you can save money in any which way, that’s exactly what you’d do, right?

In any case, if you do indeed want to organize a corporate event that pays for itself, or one through which you can drastically minimize costs if not eliminating them completely, it would have to have a networking element added to it. Think about it – every single networking event you might have attended, or perhaps one which you sent a subordinate to attend in your place, likely followed the same pattern all modern day networking events follow, which is that of the networking bit complemented by some kind of core event.

In this particular instance, there would essentially be two core events, one of which is the company’s corporate do, which would entail whatever is on the agenda (employee awards, a celebration, etc), while the other would entail the open networking proceedings. So here’s how it would ideally play out:

Taking full advantage of the venue booking

Benefiting from top corporate catering in New York City is often just a matter of picking out the catering company that provides a good quality service on that front, but naturally that means you might have to dig a little into your pockets for the kind of quality you desire. Pair that with other cost considerations, such as booking the right venue, and the costs start to add up.

If you’re going to stretch the corporate do into it incorporating a networking session, you can then take advantage of elements such as the booking fee for the venue. It won’t be that much more expensive than booking it for a couple of hours, for instance, if you rather choose to book the same venue for the full day.

B-2-B and B-2-C affiliate matching

Now, as far as it goes with that part of the equation which effectively stretches the corporate event into a networking event that effectively pays for its organizational costs, it’s more of a cost recuperation exercise than anything else.

The networking session will follow the corporate event, perhaps incorporating some kind of celebration right at the end, like a party which will effectively have the company personnel mingling with the networking session attendees. However, the attendees of the networking session would be propositioned with some offers for B-2-B or B-2-C products and services of which you (your company) would be an affiliate.

There are perhaps no hotter business services leads than those attending a networking session, especially if it’s one that’s put together by a business or company that might be celebrating some milestones or simply holding a corporate event to give off the impression of, or mirror some kind of success.

To make a very simple example, your company could refer these networking event attendees to a web hosting company via your affiliate links!