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How To Make Sure Employees Are Motivated And Want To Excel

Many of you will have attended conferences and away days; or organised them for your employees.These events provide an opportunity for everyone to get away from the work environment, and spend quality time discussing practices and getting to know more about the bigger picture. It’s a time when hiring keynote speakers provides you with the chance to connect with employees, and motivate them to want to excel in what they do each day.

But, motivating employees is not a one off enterprise. You need to ensure that you create a workplace where motivation is ongoing. This not only benefits everyone who works there but also helps to improve the productivity of your business. Here are some things you should think about when it comes to motivation.

Communication is key

Communication is the most important tool you have in business. But, if you get it wrong, it can also be your downfall. If you ever played the game Chinese whispers as a child, you know how easy it is for messages to be misunderstood if they are not communicated clearly and openly. Misunderstanding can be demotivating. Communicating clearly to all employees helps them to fully understand what is going on within the business, and helps to motivate them to want to do their best to help with progression and growth.

There are various tools that you can use to aid communication:

You can use a combination of any or all of these, in your business.

Delegation to empower

One of the biggest issues with delegation, is that it can be used for the wrong reasons. It’s not a chance to dump work that cannot be managed by one individual onto another. Delegation should be used to empower someone with a new task that they can take ownership of. It’s a way of developing employees, and helping to motivate them to excel. You should encourage the use of delegation in your business, and ensure that support and encouragement is in place, to help make the experience positive.

Everyone can make a positive contribution

It’s not only senior managers who can have good ideas to improve the business. In fact, the people who do the job are often more suited to this type of innovation. You should ensure that there is a mechanism in place within your business, to recognise this. Staff suggestion schemes work well if you provide feedback on any idea that is submitted, and if you involve employees in discussions and development, if their idea is accepted. This type of scheme creates a feeling of involvement in the business and helps to improve motivation levels.

Socialising is important

You should never underestimate the power of socialising when it comes to motivating employees. It gives people the opportunity to get to know each other away from the workplace. This kinship makes being in work a more enjoyable experience, and makes it more likely that employees will remain motivated to perform well.

Business is not always reliable, and there may be times when falling sales or general problems in the market, make it difficult to motivate employees. If you maintain a system of paying attention to all of the points we have mentioned, you should still be able to keep everyone onboard, and working to build and improve.