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How to Find a Dentist That Works For You

Have you had a bad experience at the dentist recently? Perhaps they no longer accept your insurance? Perhaps you moved and now you are looking for a new dentist to see regularly? Whatever your reason, it can be overwhelming trying to find a dentist that works for you. Don’t worry, the dentist Canandaigua NY is here to help you find one that is both trustworthy and will get you the results you are looking for. Keep reading to learn how you can find a dentist that works for you.

Read reviews on websites

The first tip we have is very important and a great way to learn more about the dentist office. It’s almost like getting referrals without even knowing the people. You can jump online and check out reviews on different dental offices in your area. Try and make a list before you start so that you can make notes along the way about each of the different offices. This is especially important so you don’t get one confused over another.

Ask friends or family for a referral

The next suggestion we have is to ask a friend or family member. This may be more difficult if you are new to a city, but if you have met anyone in your area like a family member, it may be a good idea to ask them what dentist they see. If you are simply wanting to switch dentists than you probably know some people

Remember, dentists do not have as much training as an orthodontist, so they may not offer all the same services or have the same level of care that an orthodontic office will have. Make sure that the professional you are speaking to is competent in the area of practice that you need.

Look at the location

The next recommendation we have is to ensure that you are taking location into consideration. Sure, if a friend recommends a dentist that is great but it is 1 hour away you probably won’t be as likely to continue going to them. It will end up being a lot of work for you to go. Make sure that you choose a dental office that is close to you or at the very worst is close to your work so that you can go at lunchtime and don’t spend too much time commuting.

Find out about insurance

If you have insurance through your work or you pay for it, it’s important that you find a dental office even accepts your insurance. Keep in mind that some dental offices do not accept all insurances and it’s important before you schedule an appointment to see if they even do. This is one of the questions you should find out either through their website (perhaps they have a list of ones they accept) or

What hours are they open?

If a dental company is open completely different hours than you are available then it’s not the dental office for you. Make sure that you look up the hours of the dental company to ensure those hours work specifically for your schedule. Think about when you have been to a dental office in the past. Did you like to go early in the morning? If so, ensure they are open early in the morning to accommodate your schedule.

Call and ask questions

The next tip we have for you is to call and ask questions. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question. You want everything to clarify and to feel confident with your final choice. If there is a question about insurance or a question about the procedures the dentist is able to do at this time, now would be the time to ask. Make sure that you continue to write down these answers so that you don’t get any dental offices confused. It would be worst if you chose a dental office just because you forgot which dental office answered which question the way you wanted.

Take a tour of the office

The next recommendation we have is to take a tour of the office. This will allow you to get an overall feel for the office, for the staff, and to learn more about what they offer. Make sure to not get sucked into a sales staff and book an appointment before you are ready. The tour will give you time to view the office, meet the staff, ask any additional questions that you need to, and see if you really do feel comfortable with the office. We understand that it is sometimes a lot more difficult for people to go to the dentist office. If this is the case for you, the dental office should understand this and slowly chat with you and allow you to feel even more comfortable than the average person.

As you can see, there are so many things you can do in order to find a great dentist for you. Remember, it’s not a permanent decision. If you are unhappy with your decision you can always look back at your list and try another one down the road. By doing these tips though, you are giving yourself the best possible outcome. Although these tips are a little time consuming, they will prevent you from going to a dentist that you dislike. For more tips, contact us today.