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How to choose the best Personal Injury Lawyer

I am sure you have seen personal injury lawyer adverts on TV or heard them on radio from time to time. We all hope that such an incident will never visit us on our journey through life but for some, unfortunately, this is the reality. It can turn a person’s life upside down, never mind the effect it can have on family members, friends, relatives and work colleagues. For those poor souls in such situations, making a justified claim can be a daunting proposal as choosing the best personal injury attorney can be a confusing process.   

Do your research

When you have suffered a personal injury of some kind conducting your own research on your claim will help you as it will give you an insight on what questions you need to ask before hiring. Every case is different and personal injury lawyers specialize in different areas of personal injury. As a result, you should find a lawyer with the right experience to try or handle your type of case.

Costs involved

The question you may ask is how does it work out with money? For instance, is it going to cost you money? It is good to know that the majority of personal injury fee agreements are based on contingency fee agreements which means you won’t have to pay any legal fees unless money is won. If your case has legal merit, the chances are the attorney will enter in to an agreement to represent you based on a contingency fee. All contingency fees are negotiable but they range between 25% and 40%. It is important to very clear that there are no hidden costs for example many attorneys will charge clients for costs even if there is a contingency fee. These costs can be expensive and even if you win your claim, the deduction can be significant from your share. If possible, find an attorney where you are not held liable for any advanced costs in the event that you lose your case. You also should find that if you are successful how much could you expect to be awarded. There are a whole list of factors that you will be aware of that a good attorney should be able to inform you about.

Method of business

Also, be aware of how business between you and your attorney is conducted. For instance, you may meet your attorney only once or twice and the rest of the business may be done electronically e.g. Skype calls, e-mails or post and phone calls. A good attorney will always keep you informed on a regular basis of any developments with regards to your case.


The process of injury is painful and for many it can affect their life permanently. Therefore, it is very important to be fully informed before you make a decision in hiring a personal injury lawyer. After all you need to be represented by a reputable firm so, be sure to choose a well-established company like GEORGE COLLINS, P.A.