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How does a merchant cash advance loan work?

When you need a loan to help your business grow, you would think that a bank would be the best place to go – right?


Since the financial crisis, banks have become even more cautious.

So what are your options? 

If you need some extra capital to give your business a boost, you need to look elsewhere. And right now, the easiest, fastest way to securely loan money is through a merchant cash advance.

A merchant cash advance loan from http://merchantlenders.ca/ is the smart way to lend.

By using the latest technology and giving businesses flexibility with their borrowing, it is helping to build businesses of all shapes and sizes.

It is a great option for those who want quick access to their money, a flexible way to repay and for those who are concerned about their poor credit.

But with any new way of borrowing, businesses will always want to know more…so how does a merchant cash advance loan work, and what are the benefits? 

A merchant cash advance is calculated on credit card transactions. The amount you can borrow is based on the amount of sales, so your business will never end up borrowing too much and struggling to meet the repayments.

But the technology behind a merchant cash advance does not just work out how much you can borrow. It gives you a unique, flexible repayment system. 

Unlike traditional bank loans, with strict repayments that could see your profits slide, a merchant cash advance loan gives you more. By keeping an eye on those credit card transactions, it adapts to your needs.

This means that the loan works on a monthly basis. So busy months will see you pay back the loan more quickly, while slower months will give your bank balance time to breathe.

A merchant cash advance loan does not punish you for wanting to build your business.

This makes it a great option for smaller, seasonal businesses, and those looking for a quick injection of funds.

There are lots of other great reasons to look further into merchant cash advances. The technology that powers the loan can also be found in a simple, state of the art application process.

Traditional bank loans can take months of business plans, meetings, and endless paperwork – with no guarantee of success.

A merchant cash advance sees you applying online, with a decision that takes days if not minutes. And with a high application success rate you have the chance to really boost your business.

Applicants from all backgrounds are considered. Unlike traditional lenders, you will not have your personal finances pored over and poor credit is not a problem.

This makes a merchant cash advance loan a great way for small, developing businesses to grow. As long as you have been trading for a year or more and accept credit card payments, you can apply.

Big franchises and other companies are using merchant cash advances to grow their businesses too – it is the simple, hassle free option that is showing the high street banks how it is done.

And the money you borrow can be spent in any way you want. 

Without the worries of a strict business plan and repayment schedule, you can decide what to do with the money you secure.

With a merchant cash advance loan you can:

  • Buy new stock and fulfil orders.
  • Bring in new staff and improve training opportunities.
  • Invest in new equipment and facilities.
  • Upgrade an existing premises or relocate to a new site.
  • Keep the business afloat during lean times.
  • Have a rainy day fund for emergencies.

And whatever else you may need!

If you are tired of being turned down for financing your business, or you are on the lookout for a quick and easy way to get hold of investment, then a merchant cash advance loan could be just the ticket.