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Home Staging – Get Your House Ready To Sell

Deciding when it’s time to sell your house, it’s a big decision to make – and that’s not even the hardest part. Real estate is a tough market, once your house is on the market the real challenge is to get it sold. Sometimes, it can take months upon months to get the ball rolling and get potential buyers looking round your home.No matter your house price, it all comes down to the look and feel of your home (prospective buyers won’t be looking at a house out of their price range anyway).

Advice Guides for Selling

So, how do you get your house ready for viewings? How do you show potential buyers their future home? The trick is to remember that you’re not selling your home, it’s selling a house. A blank canvas where future families see their daily routines and rituals happening, you need to market your home for the viewers.We’ve teamed up with leading expert estate agents, Essex Countryside, to help you get your house off the market and sold.Home Staging is a technique employed to make your home look beautifully presentable for buyers. We’ve got our 3 Top Tips for home improvements, to get your house ready to sell.

  1. Clean, but not too clean

It goes without saying to make sure your house looks its best. Essential spring cleaning and maintenance is an essential part of making your home look stunning for prospective buyers. All paint and wood work are finished and looking its best. Also, ensure that any DIY work round the house is finished and ready.Be sure to find the perfect middle between clean and lived in.

Put your credit cards away! There’s no need to fill your home with anymore paraphernalia, especially when you’re about to sell. De-cluttering is essential to sell your home. Whilst you don’t want your home looking bare and lifeless, at the same time, clutter can distract from your home’s potential and value. Make sure your garden is trim and tidy, and a lot of those non-essential ‘knick-knacks’ are hidden away – don’t clear them all, but don’t make your home look cluttered with rubbish. Things like children’s toys should be packed away and cleared. A prospective buyer is not interested in how your home is decorated. Less is more! A clean and decluttered home, sells.

  1. Sophisticated Décor

Making everything tidy and neat is all well and good, but your homes’ style can make or break whether it sells or not. Appeal to the many and not just the few, sacrificing your favoured home decorating style may speed up the selling process. Use neutral and sophisticated colours to really emphasise the potential of your home. Experimental and vibrant colours may be your style but remember, you’re selling a house, not selling your home.

Soft and neutral colours will do wonders for your homes appeal. Paired with flowers and feature items around your home, colourful rugs, ornaments etc. they’ll be a powerful force behind selling your house. Make sure your soaps around the house are fresh, filled and presentable. Whatever you display must be immaculate and stylish.

  1. Switch, show, smell

Simple things like rearranging furniture can really help your home’s appeal. Creating an inviting space that potential buyers can picture themselves in is key to selling your house.Don’t be afraid to move things around in your house and go for something different. Moving and switching furniture round can improve the look and feel of your home, including making it look bigger and more spacious or even brighter.

Don’t be afraid to show off features of your home. Prospective buyers want to see the potential of your home, everything that they’ll need to live comfortably. So, keep your cupboards open and show off the space that you have, make sure it can be seen.

Now, it goes without saying that a smelly home, isn’t going to smell. Yes, nose blindness is a very real thing, especially when it comes to your own home. Lingering odours, such as pet smells, can really turn potential buyers off from spending too long in your property. Make sure everything is clean and fresh. That includes washing bed sheets, dog beds, curtains, pets – the full works! You’re trying to market your house to prospective buyers, so it’s got to look and smell it’s best.

These little home improvements can do wonders for your house on the real estate market. Any good estate agent will tell you that your house needs to be at its best, and look nice for the pictures they’ll display.Remember, you’re selling your house, not your home – have you future buyers in mind. Once you’ve followed all these tips, seek out the finest estate agents to make sure your home sells.

For more information on selling your property and for more top tips and advice guides from the experts, visit Essex Countryside’s website.