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Home Owner Associations: Changing the Face of Community

New forms of communities are now establishing themselves across the world

These new trends have come into being for a variety of reasons. Large numbers of people are now living in neighbourhoods sharing a building or residence. This has come about because it is often a more affordable option due to restraints on finances. Others like the idea of being supported often by likeminded people in a community or neighbourhood setting. Facilitating these new movements are businesses and companies who are now branching out into the housing development market. Investments in housing looks very promising compared to other investments and many companies are showing good profits in this area.

Back in the day, communities evolved organically

with very little interference from governing bodies. Ample space and lower populations allowed for greater flexibilities. Nowadays people are moving into the larger cities and towns to seek employment in their chosen field of work. It is where life is blossoming but with this comes a price, that is, space and demand exceeding supply for property and hence, prices are rocketing.  

Developers have found a way of satisfying the needs of the many

The provision of gated and housing communities with onsite amenities have attracted attention as being a more budget friendly opportunity. Having amenities on site means a great deal to those who lead busy lives as they don’t have to worry about the organization involved in such activities. Other households are not fortunate enough to have access to amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts and gyms. When you live in a shared residence and are part of the home owner’s association, you could have the use of these luxury facilities.    

As part of such communities, developers form a housing owner association to provide residents with that happy and satisfied feeling. After all, their tenants are their source of income. Professional companies like the Cedar Management Group  have come into the market place to offer solutions at a professional level when it comes to providing services for the community. These services come in the form of such things as maintaining all public spaces, providing and maintaining amenities as well as settling neighbourhood disputes quickly. This new sense of community is no longer organic but is organized in a way that hopefully satisfies the needs of all its members.


Housing owner associations are indeed valuable as many of them provide an affordable way of living in an expensive area. Some associations will take part in a specific community projects in order to regenerate a location. The whole idea is getting the community working together and to appreciate their surroundings is a key factor in its success.

Due to an increase in populations worldwide we all need to be aware that the way we live affects the environment around us. We need to live more responsibly as well as motivating ourselves to live a more sustainable life for the greater good of all.