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Hiring great people – three things you need to do

Bringing people into your business should be seen as an opportunity to improve. It’s easy to hire a person, but are they really going to add anything to your business, aside from being an extra pair of hands. You want to hire someone who sees working for you as a valuable opportunity and who is invested in helping the business to flourish.

If you are set on hiring great people, rather than just hiring for hiring’s sake, the process is something that you need to put a lot of thought into. Let’s look at three important things that you need to do.

Take time to complete the hiring process

It’s not usually a good idea to rush recruitment. Aside from seeking advice about technical aspects, such as contracts from experts such as employers.co.nz, you need to make sure that you get the important decisions right.

You may be able to complete an initial sift of applications quickly, and dispose of those where the applicant does not have the relevant skills or apparently cannot even be bothered to use grammar checking for a job application. But, there will hopefully be a bunch of candidates who seem like they could be a good fit.

Do not make snap decisions. Take some time to ensure you come to the right decision in the end. You may want to use preliminary phone interviews, before you invite people to a face to face interview. Assessment days can also be a good idea, where you can use a combination of testing, group interviews and one to one interviews. Recruitment should not be a race; it’s should be about making sure you get the right result.

Stand out to the right people

Great candidates who are looking for a new challenge have a whole Internet to search through. There are millions of job opportunities around the world. So, why should someone choose your business? You know what you have to offer to the right person. This is why you need to make sure that you compile a job advert which stands out to the type of person you want to attract. Is it innovation and a fresh approach you seek, or is diligence and attention to detail more important? And, what are you offering in return for these attributes?

Consider potential clashes

You can hire the most qualified person out there, but if they do not fit into your business culture, it’s not going to work. When you talk to candidates ask questions that can help you see some of their personality, and what they are like socially. Take a look at their social media activity to see what their interests are. Hiring is not just about technical attributes, it’s about finding someone who it a great fit with other people who work for the business.

You can see that to hire great people you need to take time with the process, to be attractive to the people who are out there and to think about a culture fit as well as the skills on offer.