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Getting One Up Over the Banks with Segmented Financing

While it does indeed make for the bulk of our financial consultation business, we’d much rather have it that individuals and businesses didn’t come to us for help once they see no way out of their debt induced financial situation. And we’ve had it all – from the micro-crisis which could have worked itself out had just one more customer walked through the door to spend a mere penny, right up to the more serious cases where the business involved or the individual runs the serious risk of financial ruin.

In every single last one of those testing situations however, one thing has always been consistent, that being how the key figures who are at the heart of the operation seem to be overwhelmed by the day to day operations, they can barely think straight. In a lot of cases, fortunately, it’s simply a matter of an outside eye which is removed from the core of the action being able to see a much brighter bigger picture and merely relaying that information to the partisan.

So we’re able to connect the dots and help many of the clients we consult for out of their sticky financial situation, but as suggested, we’d really like it if more clients consulted with us when things are going well. When things are going well some super-consolidation can be effected to the point that an incremental hedge against any future downturns is built up quite solidly.

Okay, so since there’s a fat chance really of anyone coming to us when things are going super well, we’ve taken the liberty to discuss some pointers as an open record of some sorts, so that you can make reference to it in future.

Segmented financing is a borrowing structure we often recommend to businesses which are in deep, deep trouble, with a solid plan in place to pay off each of those loans of course. What this entails basically is not putting your eggs in one basket, so to say in that you don’t just borrow from one lender.

Different lenders have different parameters associated with their lending and repayment terms, such as being able to have the interest waived in the event that you pay back the loan early. In no way are we suggesting that you borrow from one to pay back the other, but rather that you should be smart about the small margins which exist between loan repayment periods and what you can do with that extra money in the meantime, growing it as a factor of time.

When things are going really well, segmenting your financing can make you more attractive as a borrower to more institutions, many of which can be easily accessed over a lender aggregator platform as opposed to having to solicit each of them individually. That’s if of course you can locate any of them at all, outside of these types of aggregation platforms.

Otherwise segmented borrowing/financing is a great way to keep each part of the whole sum of lending interest rates in check and in this way get one up over the banks.