CMT Corp was established nearly 30 years ago. The founders wanted to provide solid financial advisory services for small businesses, including advice on taxation, business growth, finance, banking, entrepreneurship, business set up, and all other relevant areas of business. With a strong belief in the importance of the role small and medium-sized businesses play in the national economy, CMT Corporation has supported countless businesses in their growth and expansion.

Beyond equipping clients with invaluable financial advice, CMT Corporation soon made loans available to a large number of small businesses. By doing so, CMT gave small businesses new financing options and allowed them to maximise their profitability independently.

Today, CMT Corporation operates in Poland, the Czech Republic and Moldova and specialises in financial consulting and the provision of finance to small businesses as well as investment advice and opportunities.

We, at the CMT Corporation can help your business in the following areas:

  • Startup Finance: We support innovative startups by providing both finance and advice. Smart entrepreneurs can participate in our comprehensive startup advisory program and turn their idea into a viable business.
  • Growth Finance: We provide loans to facilitate the expansion of your business. After carefully examining your business’s financial status, market position and competition, we devise a growth strategy and make the necessary finance available.
  • Cash Flow Advice: An adequate cash flow is a prerequisite for the smooth running of a business. The CMT Corporation can help you copperfasten a steady cash flow by monitoring outgoings and sales receipts.
  • Invoice Discounting: Invoice discounting can be a useful tool in ensuring the smooth day-to-day cash flow and operation of your business. Though not suitable for all businesses, invoice discounting is always an option worth considering.
  • Optimising Your Credit and Debit Terms: We look at the financial terms of your product and service suppliers as well as the financial terms you have given your clients. If necessary, we advise you to make appropriate changes in an effort to optimise the hassle-free running of your company.

We Maximise Your Profitability

The CMT Corporation’s aim is to boost your sales and revenue and help your company to reach its full potential. We want to see you succeed and will do our utmost to provide you with all the assistance you may require.

Our clients’ feedback continually outdoes our expectations and we are delighted to share in their success. We would love to count you among our many satisfied customers in the very near future.