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Exciting Entrepreneurial Trends

Entrepreneurs have never had such a wealth of options available to them. The breakneck speed of technological innovation and ease of investing across the globe has been helped by investment through crowdfunding platforms and consumer-level apps. As we head into 2018, you might be wondering just what is around the corner. Given the volatility of the trends, everything could change, but there’s a good bet that like the burgeoning cryptocurrency markets, these trends will be featuring heavily through next year.

Infrastructure and Construction

A trend that has been developing through the late noughties and into now is environmentally conscious building. The efforts of scientists and engineers around the world has demonstrated just how important the environment is to our ongoing prosperity and well-being on the planet. With the need for accommodation for homes and businesses perpetual, governments have been eager to find investment through the issuing of green bonds and private companies have sought to boost growth through classic style commercial real estate mortgages.

For entrepreneurs, the cash flow is clearly there as international governments focuses on ensuring their environmental projects are financed. Furthermore, relaxed lending standards and enthusiasm mean private investors are willing to get involved.

Augmented Intelligence

Whilst artificial intelligence has been making waves for many reasons, augmented intelligence has slowly but surely started to become the industry standard for new businesses and startups. Instead of being purely machine, or man, augmented intelligence uses the two in conjunction, combining machine learning with entrepreneurial nous and experience. Coca-Cola have been leading AI, showing how entrepreneurs and business owners can combine their abilities with advanced computer technology to get their products out there. It’s entirely accessible, too, given the ever-increasing availability of tech software due to the open nature of the web.

The Internet of Things

The internet of things – IoT – is becoming bigger every year, spreading its tendrils into new capabilities. From Amazon’s buttons, ordering toilet paper at a click – to Alexa, listening and directing the symphony of your house. For entrepreneurs, this represents a huge market; it shows homeowners are willing to automate nigh on every aspect of their house. Furthermore, the amount of data these products gather provides a wealth of information on what consumers want and how to provide it to them, giving real world applications for IoT.

Entrepreneurs are creative and crafty people by definition. Finding your latest market or niche is what will set you apart from other investors and business owners. By keeping your eye trained to these key trends, you could find your next opening.