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Do you need new logistics talent?

If so, are there low cost, fast growing business prospects that fit your budget?

How can your logistics talent management practices help to attract, find, train, develop and retain logistics talent and have you hold on to that talent so that it serves your organization?

Anyone who has experienced the amount of travel logistics personnel must endure while handling high volumes of complex, time sensitive deliveries, logistics managers must adopt a different mindset when designing new transport operations. By that I mean being totally focused on minimizing wait times and travel costs while continually striving to improve the delivery process. Logistics professionals need to view their roles as manufacturers of high volume, low-cost transportation solutions. This will include making sure they fit in with DOT compliance using companies such as Lytx for software assistance.

The good news is that low cost logistics providers are expanding operations and that means that competition is increasing, resulting in competition for high quality logistics professionals. According to Robert Half, only 6 percent of manufacturers feel that they are fully staffed. But that is a lot better than 13 percent in 2007. Moreover, 71 percent of manufacturers are ready to use resources like this trucking business software in order to hire more people in the next six months, largely driven by large orders.

Are you doing a better job of retaining logistics talent than your competition?

By asking that question, you can begin to understand which logistics personnel are your best employees. If you do not want to lose your logistics talent to your competitors, you have to be sure to tap into the valuable knowledge and skills of your best employees. This means recruiting and retaining those best logistics professionals through programs that ensure you are paying them a fair wage for their knowledge, skills and work.

Are you getting the logistics talent you need to deliver on high volume, low cost delivery programs?

Are you getting the logistics talent you need to manage inventory and production? Or do you need to perhaps invest in some management software like ShippingTree to make organization easier?

How can your logistics talent management practices help to attract, find, train and develop logistics talent?

Are you achieving all of the above with your existing logistics staff?

Logistics Recruitment

We have all heard the many excuses businesses make for not finding enough logistics talent to meet the demands of today’s supply chains. Logistics managers are competing against very low costs for transport, warehousing and manufacturing resources. Just like the airline industry, logistics departments are having to go to great lengths to attract new employees. While other industries offer employees the opportunity to travel and work at different sites, logistics personnel are often limited to the location in which they were hired. Therefore, to ensure you are attracting, finding, training and developing logistics talent, you have to pay attention to the differences in the demographics of your employees, so that the experience that your best employees are receiving at the time they leave your business is high quality. CulverCareers offers top-tier logistics recruitment services, a highly specialized recruitment process which requires you to get it right the first time around, to avoid what can be some hefty costs associated with correcting the fallout of wrong recruitment practices.