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Different Ways Hipsters Express Their Individualism

With our obsession with the stereotypes that society presents of hipsters, and our creative side wanting to express individuality we have so many different ways to express that individuality in life. Some of them might even surprise you.

1. The Unconventional

Trying something that’s different

Hipsters love trying new things. While it might take them a long time to get the hang of a new hobby, once they do, they can’t get enough.

For example, they may be excited about skateboarding and if you showed them how to surf on YouTube, they would get very confused. However once they figure out what you’re talking about, they would want to learn how to do that too!

2. Existence is cool!


If you love drawing or painting, then being a hipster is for you. You just can’t get enough of the things you love and want to spread the word about it.

If you like music, then you know how to express yourself through your music. Ever felt a spontaneous burst of enthusiasm to learn a new instrument? Looked around for some good violins for beginners (or a guitar) so that you can start to express yourself through it?

Rushing creativity and being in a mystical flow…if you are familiar with it, then you know who a hipster is.

With singing, you don’t just sing the lyrics, you can be lyrical too. And if you are interested in writing, writing music or poetry, hipsters will also admire that.

3. Do it yourself


Hipsters are talented people. They can be good at just about anything, even do it themselves. This makes them very creative.

The act of creating, whether it’s cooking, art, music, writing, or anything that helps you express yourself creatively, is highly appreciated by hipsters. They want to bring the best out in themselves, so they will look for the best art materials, cooking appliances, etc. using websites like BuyerImpact.co.uk to find them and weave them into their everyday lives.

Some of their best pieces of work are done on a typewriter. If that’s not hipster enough for you, just see the video below.

4. Living independently


Hipsters love going against the mainstream flow. They are very independent and don’t like being told what to do. It’s this independence that makes them unique.

Whether you’re a renter, a homeowner or an office worker, you will get that same vibe from hipsters. They appreciate freedom.

Also you can find them spending most of their time on the Internet, playing video games or watching YouTube videos, because they have their own space, and they don’t have to answer to anyone.

They do all that because they know that it’s the way they like to live.

5. Walking the dog

Gets them out of the house!

We have seen hipsters taking their dog to the park, or to a dog-friendly café. They like getting out of the house and doing something simple like that, because it helps to relieve stress and helps them stay healthy.

This is what independent living is all about. So do whatever makes you happy.

6. Tattoos

Simple and to the point

Hipsters love to express themselves and what they stand for through tattoos. Tattoos are very symbolic and they can tell a lot about a person.

You can get tattoos of anything you think represents what you stand for. If you do, just don’t overdo it. One tattoo bearing the name, logo, or symbol of your favourite Orange County CBD product brand is enough, for instance, with any subsequent tattoos you get ideally representing different aspects of your character, style, personality, etc.

7. Hipster sense of style

Tailor made

There is a reason why hipsters love a good pair of jeans, a fitted tee or a light jacket.

They like dressing up with a matching handbag and shoes and accessories they find classy.

8. Coffee with an espresso

Well, they need a cup of coffee after a long day. The perfect way to decompress is with a nice cup of coffee!

If you want to make a hipster jealous, get them a nice coffee and make them buy it!

9. Geeks

The more the merrier!

Hipsters love geeks. They enjoy everything geeky. They enjoy computer programming, comic books, watch movies, and a lot of other nerdy stuff.

If you have the gift of gab and you enjoy studying and reading about things you’re interested in, then hipsters will certainly appreciate your “nerdiness”.

10. Smoke Hemp

Taking pride in their self-care.

So the next time you see someone smoking these hemp products, they are more likely than not to be hipsters.

Do you know about any other ways that make hipsters the coolest ones? Do share it with us.

However, hipsters make themselves known because they are very likely to be smoking various hemp products, that can be found through companies like Pure Hemp Farms, to help ensure that any health-related ailments that they are suffering from, such as stress and anxiety are kept at bay.

The health and wellness of hipsters, like everyone else, has always been a big deal. In fact, it will always be a big deal.