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Design Tips For The Novice Business Website Builder

If you are new to the world of online design, there is a lot to learn.  The goal is to not allow yourself to get over-stimulated with all the new and useful pieces of information you can find on web design.  Stick to the basics, and build your overall knowledge on a strong foundation.

Once you have a strong grasp on the most vital pieces of your website, you can begin adding bells whistles, and anything else, for that matter.  Here are a few pieces of helpful information to send you on your way to becoming a stellar business website designer.

Encourage communication through your design

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a successful business.  Without the ability to communicate with your employees and your community, your business will have little hope of longevity.  

In addition to your “Contact Us” page on your business website, you should add other encouragement for communication.  Check out this example website.  The designer added several ways to communicate with the organization in addition to their contact page.  

Provide a way to navigate easily

Web users need the ability to move about your website with ease.  Without some type of navigation options, there is no way for users to explore your business website.  

A stationary navigation bar across the top of your design will tie together all your pages of hard work.  Here is a website example of how you should integrate a navigation bar into the design of your site.  

Integrate social media sharing buttons

Linking social media to your business website is one of the best ways to boost your site’s visibility without paying a dime for marketing.  When people have the ability to share an interesting piece of your website on a whim, they will use it.

Social media sharing now a part of the world’s culture.  Your business website simply isn’t complete without those little sharing buttons.  

Study and learn all about SEO

Search engine optimization is becoming a foundational skill for site designers of all shapes and sizes.  When you understand SEO, you understand just how the internet works.  

More specifically, you will learn how Google decides what results to post when web users search a set of terms.  Once you see the inner workings of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), you will more thoroughly understand design.  

Optimize your design for mobile access

The design of your business website should be easily viewed on any kind of mobile device.  To make it so, you have to implement certain changes in your design. Invest in knowing what it takes to optimize your site for mobile use, and your viewers will thank you.