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Creating Business Curb Appeal for Your Storefront

Even though the idea of curb appeal might be something you associate more with a personal residence, for businesses it has a definite benefit as well. If you look at the difference between a company building that looks good from the outside and one that doesn’t, what is your immediate interpretation of the quality of the product or service within? That’s an easy question to answer, and one that you should take the heart for your own financial meditations.

Several things can immediately be done to help out your storefront when it comes to this curb appeal factor. You can include shade trees in your landscaping. You can create a unique entryway to appeal to people when they come in. You can install inviting lighting so that your storefront always looks good from that perspective. And, you can make sure that whatever signage you have, it’s well-designed and put together.

Shade Trees

As far as landscaping goes, one of the best things that you can do to make your storefront look better is to add shade trees. Any kind of natural plant or foliage will look good, but shade trees, in particular, have a specific value. They keep the sun out of customers’ eyes right out front, and they add that sort of natural coverage that makes a place look more professional. In addition to general landscaping like adding flowers or having well-manicured grass, shade trees individually add a lot to the value of your appearance.

A Unique Entryway

Another way to add value to the curb appeal factor of your business is if you put in a unique entryway. There are millions of creative ways to do this, and every storefront in itself is unique. You want to create something that is inviting and memorable. With the right designer, you should be able to do this for a reasonable cost, and your return on investment will be significant when people start noticing the effort you put into this particular detail.

Inviting Lighting

Have you ever seen a storefront that looks dimly-lit and thought to yourself that that’s not a place that you want to go into? This is not a unique thought process. Adding good exterior lighting to your storefront should be one of the first things that you do to increase curb appeal. Clean landscaping, well-maintained windows and doors, and a good paint job only do so much if people can’t see them. This accounts for both daytime and nighttime, so don’t be afraid to add spotlights to the mix to improve these factors.

Great Signage Design

Have you worked with a graphic designer when it comes to your visual output? Did they design your logo? Did they create the template for any large signs that you have outside of your building? If not, you may be missing out on a unique way to customize your look and give an essential aspect of great curb appeal to the outside of your business. If all other things are equal, the quality of signage outside of your place may be the difference between people shopping inside your store and inside the one right next door.