CMT Corp offers a wide variety of consulting services to individuals, small and medium enterprises, as well as large corporations. Our aim is to increase our clients’ profitability, promote growth and expansion and provide a solid support structure. We have a proven track record spanning over 30 years and are perfectly positioned to provide you with top class consulting services.

We provide consulting services in the following areas:

  • Taxation: We help our clients comply with taxation regulations while also making them aware of existing tax incentive schemes and other benefits they may avail of.
  • Cost Analysis and Reduction: We carefully analyse the cost incurred in the day-to-day running of your business, identify areas where savings are possible and help you reduce your overall running costs.
  • Business Analysis: We carry out a full financial analysis of your business activity and produce actionable insights.
  • Growth Strategies: We support the expansion of your business by creating viable growth strategies for you to implement.
  • Day-to-day Business Efficiency: We examine work efficiency levels at your company, including staff efficiency, workflow and management. By identifying possible areas of improvement we provide you with the tools to maximise the work efficiency at your company.
  • Finance Strategies: We create viable financial strategies in an effort to boost the performance of your business.
  • Profitability: With a focus on optimising the profitability of your business, we furnish detailed analytical information about your business and guide you to enhanced profitability.
  • Banking: We also advise our clients on their choice of banking services, prioritizing the growth and wealth of their business.
  • Investments: We provide solid investment advice, stock market information and trading insights.

Our Consulting Services are Tailored to Your Needs

In close collaboration with our clients, we carefully analyse the activities of your business, your position in the market, and your competitors. Once we have gathered all the relevant information, we devise a growth strategy virtually guaranteed to boost your profits. All our consulting services are concentrated on the individual needs of each client. Among our clients you will find individuals, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses as well as large corporations.

Our Clients are Happy

Our clients have been thoroughly satisfied with our consulting services, because they form the basis for enhance profitability. While we get busy crafting viable strategies for you, you can look after the day-to-day operation of your business. Together, we can maximise and harness the full potential of your enterprise.