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5 Factors That Influence Exchange Rates

Every country’s currency attracts a certain amount of another country’s currency in the exchange market. The amount of currency units a particular currency attracts in relation to another indicates its strength. It is important to know that the exchange rate is always considered in Read More

Key Tips On How To Avoid Business Litigation

Litigations are unavoidable when you’re operating a business. In fact, you never see yourself facing a lawsuit in the future because thinking about the potential costs you’re going to pay and the effects on your company’s reputation can be extremely daunting on your part. Read More

How to Improve Your Financial Writing Skills

While there are so many topics to write about if your chosen niche is that of the financial industry, generally it’s very easy for everything to start appearing as if it’s boiling down to the same tired content. There are perhaps a million ways Read More

Swiss Company Formation Checklist

Entrepreneurs and legal entities that are interested in Swiss company formation, should know that the legal framework is constantly changing because of the strong connections Switzerland has with the EU as well with other industrialized countries due to the double taxation treaties and various Read More

Take a Piece of the Action: Fintech Leads the Way

Mention the term finance and majority will probably cringe at the word. Finance does not come easy for people unless one has the eye and aptitude for it. And in today’s world, it has even become more difficult to understand everything with the introduction of Read More

How to Improve the Efficiency of Your Finance Team

The finance team of any company is really what keeps the whole process moving along. They have so many important roles, and there are so many details that flow in and out of the finance department that there’s plenty of room for errors and Read More