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Running a Small Business Archive

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Building Business Credit Can Be Easy and Fast

Suzanne Llanera Can your business have ready access to additional funding when you need it most? As a business owner, it’s a question you have to ask yourself. At some point in time, in the course of running a growing business, there will be Read More

5 Foolproof Tips For Creating Happy Customers

As any successful business owner can tell you, a business is only as strong as the number of customers that they have.  The way to attract customers and retain them is to ensure that they’re happy enough to continue coming back. Read More

How to Survive When Your Startup Isn’t Profitable

In the early stages of building a company, it’s not uncommon for there to be months or years where you don’t make a whole lot of money. It’s one reason many experienced entrepreneurs encourage first-timers to save up at least a year of living Read More

Website Design Tips For Small Business Entrepreneurs

The life of a small business entrepreneur includes an array of different roles.  You will play the role of business owner, financial manager, human resources, and even web designer.  The web design part is easily the most manageable of the four roles mentioned. Read More

5 Marketing Tips For Your New Business

In order to drive traffic and draw attention to your business, it’s essential that you know the right strategies to put in place.  Without having a basic knowledge of marketing, your company risks falling apart without the support of drawing a crowd. Read More

Creating Business Curb Appeal for Your Storefront

Even though the idea of curb appeal might be something you associate more with a personal residence, for businesses it has a definite benefit as well. If you look at the difference between a company building that looks good from the outside and one Read More