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Personal Finance Tips For A More Thrifty Lifestyle

Saving money is always a great goal, but too often, we fail to see our saving plans through.  The key to true savings is changing the way you live. One thrifty decision does not a millionaire make.  Successfully saving money requires making many thrifty Read More

A Brief History of Online Reviews

Since online reviews started showing up, there have been three initial gangsters of reviews that are online. It was rateitall.com, deja.com, and Epinions. Now, all of those are essentially nil. I believe Epinions was the one to continue the longest. But all of these Read More

Side Money From Sources Other Than Your Primary Job

Everybody wants some extra money, right? The question is, beyond your typical day job, how do you get this additional cash? There are lots of different people that will tell you lots of different things about the potentials and pitfalls of different methods. Read More

The Value of Bundling Life and Funeral Insurance Together

Bundling refers to obtaining more than one policy from the same insurer to get a price reduction. Now, you can combine different types of policies together, but here we will mainly discuss the importance of bundling life and funeral insurance. Whether you are trying Read More

What is an Emergency Loan

All of us have aspirations in life, which some of you may refer to as life goals. Sadly, life—as we know it—could also get in the way. Accidents can occur; a string of bad luck may happen; and emergencies could be right around the Read More

The Most Devastating Financial Crises in Modern History

The Great Depression in the 1930s and the Oil Price Shock of the 1970s were the most devastating financial crises in modern history. Others included the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997, the Global Financial Crisis of 2007 to 2008, and the European Debt Crisis Read More


Whether negotiating the salary for your new job or asking for an increment in an existing one, the thought of talking about you remuneration package can give your butterflies. Chickening out of it though because it’s a difficult conversation to have and leaving your Read More


The 20s are exciting and full of promise. You are young and full of energy. If everything goes according to plan, you have just graduated and landed your first entry-level job at a company that pays you decently.   Read More