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Credits and Loans Archive

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Can Credit Card Debt Affect Your Tax Refund?

When you file your taxes, you may be wondering if your credit card debt could affect your tax refund and whether you’ll still get your refund check. If you’re concerned about whether you’ll get a refund because of your current debt situation, read on Read More

What Effect Does Debt Have On My Business?

Almost every business at some point through their lifespan will have debt. This could be a problem you find yourself in through bad trading, or unfortunate costs the business incurs. But most businesses find themselves in debt, when they’re just starting out, however, this Read More

Personal Finance Tips For A More Thrifty Lifestyle

Saving money is always a great goal, but too often, we fail to see our saving plans through.  The key to true savings is changing the way you live. One thrifty decision does not a millionaire make.  Successfully saving money requires making many thrifty Read More

Can I Get a Mortgage With Bad Credit?

The straight-forward answer to the question of whether you can get a mortgage with a poor credit score is yes, you can Pretty muchall lenders will run a credit check on you before giving your application for amortgage the go-ahead, but some negative notes Read More

Getting working capital

The amount of working capital available to your company is one of the most useful and common measures of the financial health of any business. Read More

Strategies to help you get out of debt

Debt is an ugly thing. For some, being buried in it means no escape, and for some, it is the greatest source of grief. However, with the right mindset and devotion, you can climb out of the hole you’ve put yourself in. Now, are Read More

4 Best Ways To Accept Credit Cards

Nearly everyone in the U.S. has either a debit or credit card in their wallet. In fact, data released in 2015 showed that at least 70 percent of Americans had at least one credit card. If your business is not accepting credit cards, then Read More